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  2. Your friend will immediately get 2 emails: 1 with login instructions and 2nd welcome email. You will see a charge on your credit card(or PayPal) from 123poling.
  3. Be sure to contact your friend and burst out the exciting news!
Immediately! Your friend can instantly login and start watching tutorials right away.
Our emails are pretty mysterious creatures. You send an email and it goes to some hidden folder and you don’t even see it. So, it is always good to get in contact with your friend to make sure she or he has actually seen the email. ????
  1. Confirm your friends email. Make sure she/he is checking the email you used to purchase the gift.
  2. Ask your friend to search her/his email box for an email from
  3. If that does work, ummm email gods must go insane or maybe you just made a typo in your friend’s email. No big deal! Tell your friend to reach out to us asap. We would need your friend’s first & last names and the correct email.
You can always re-purchase the membership for your friend. We do not refund/extend memberships.
We currently offer 1-month gift memberships. You are interested in longer memberships, please contact us at

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