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How do I cancel?2017-07-07T17:52:12-04:00
You can cancel at any time.  Just head over to “My Account” page and click cancel link. You will instantly get a confirmation email. It’s that simple.
How to update credit card on file?2017-01-09T10:44:13-05:00

You can easily update your credit card. Navigate to “My Account” page and click “update billing details” next to your listed membership. Take a look at the example below. The “update billing details” link is circled in red.

Is 15-Day Free Access Really Free!?2016-10-29T13:45:30-04:00
Yes, it is absolutely free. You will never be charged for the first 15 days.
What Happens After My 15-Days Free Access Is Over?2016-10-21T00:03:12-04:00
On day 16 your credit card will be automatically charged $19.99 every 30 days until you cancel. You will never be charged for the first 15 days.
Why Do I Need A Credit Card To Start My Free 15-Day Access?2018-04-03T15:58:52-04:00
Your credit card is required to verify your account and continue your membership without interrupting your progress. You can cancel at ANYTIME.
What If I Forgot To Cancel?2017-07-07T17:46:20-04:00
No problem at all! You will be able to enjoy our pole dancing tutorials for another 30 days. Your credit card will be automatically charged the full price of the membership until you cancel.
What’s The Difference Between Starter, Premium, and VIP Memberships?2018-04-03T16:09:14-04:00
Starter Membership allows access to Pole Tutorials From Beginners to Expert Levels, Warm Up Series, Combos Series, Transitions Series (body rows, hair whips, floor work). Premium membership allows access to all series from Ayesha Membership and Liquid Motion Series 1.0, Twerk Series, Injury Prevention & Corrective Program, Routine Flow with Irmingard Mayer.    
Is The Yearly Membership Recurring?2017-01-06T17:05:27-05:00
Yes, Iron-X Premium Membership is recurring. After 1 year your credit card will automatically be charged the full price of the membership. You can cancel at any time.
How Often Will I Get New Tutorials?2016-10-20T23:32:55-04:00
We normally publish new tutorials every month.
Can I Watch Tutorials On My Phone Or Tablet?2016-10-22T21:24:01-04:00
Yes, we are mobile & tablet comparable.
Can I Pay Using PayPal?2016-10-20T23:37:07-04:00
Yes, you can.
Can I Download The Tutorials?2016-10-20T23:36:20-04:00
No. All tutorials are available only for streaming online.
Do I Get A Pole With If I Sign Up For A Membership?2016-10-20T23:52:05-04:00
We do not provide poles.
What Does Recurring Charge Mean?2017-01-06T17:11:31-05:00
Recurring charge means your credit card will be automatically charged. Recurring charges occur for:
  • Ayesha Membership – every 30 days;
  • 15-day free access – on day 16th and every 30 days there after;
  • Iron X Premium Membership – every year.
You can cancel at any time, of course.
Can I Get A Refund?2016-10-21T00:29:03-04:00
If you do not wish to be charged, please, cancel your membership before the billing date occurs. We do not refund for automatic payments or partial membership use. We do not refund if you cancel your membership after you got charged.  We do not refund if you don’t use the site.
How Can I Upgrade From Starter Membership to Premium or VIP?2018-04-03T16:04:44-04:00
1. Be sure you are logged into your account.
2. Purchase the membership you like to upgrade to (Premium or VIP).
3. Your Starter membership will be cancelled instantly and you will get instant access to all tutorials from Premium or VIP Membership.
Please note, Premium and VIP membership have auto renewal every year. If you do not wish to have automatic billing on your account, just cancel subscription on “my account” page. You will still have access to the tutorials for 1 year from the date of purchasing.
How Can I Cancel My Membership?2016-11-27T21:44:40-05:00

Head over to My Account Page.  Click on the “cancel” link. You will be taken you to the cancellation page.

It will say: Click the link below to cancel your membership”. Check your email to make sure you got a confirmation email.

Here is an example of  “Ma Account page”. The cancellation link is circled in red.

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