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Liquid Motion Solo Series 1.0 Includes:

Floor Work

The safest place to start your movement journey is on the floor. 
You will learn exclusive Liquid Motion techniques for basic floor work moves and also discover how to navigate on the floor with grace and purpose. You will be able to build the foundation for seamless movement and create total body awareness using the key techniques of Liquid Motion and fundamentals of the methodology. Liquid Motion Floor Work will help you understand your body through sensual movement, basic dance theory, and self-exploration.
There is no pole or wall required in this section. 

Pole Work

Pole Work is the next natural progression and should be examined and understood before watching Base Work.
Liquid Motion Pole Work is a unique movement style based on the fundamentals of the non-aerial movement on and around the pole. The Pole Work section takes all of the Liquid Motion techniques and translates them to a vertical execution, with the added assist of the pole. It includes movement theory, natural rotation, progression of sequences, and focuses on the physics of your body to create effortless & complex movement sentences. There are no climbs or inverts in this section. 

Base Work

Base Work is one of the most exciting sections. 
It combines Liquid Motion Floor Work and Pole Work creating a beautiful love child of the two.  Base work is focused on moves on and around the *base of the pole. 
It will allow you to take rolls, spins, leaps, twists to a whole NEW LEVEL. You can now seamlessly transition from the floor to the pole and vice versa adding multiple levels & diversity to your movement. 
*The base of the pole is the lower part of the pole (the first 24 inches of the pole starting from the floor). 






Premium Membership Includes:

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You will get instant access to over 600 pole tutorials including Liquid Motion Series 1.0

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My Liquid Motion tutorials are so detailed and visual, you’ll get liquid in no time!

From The Insiders

These lessons are awesome! What an easy and effective way to learn!
The explanations for the moves are always broken down into clear and understandable parts. I always have great success! Thank you!
I have tried moves I’ve seen on Youtube or elsewhere. Sometimes I had to cock my head out like a dog, stand upside down, and spin to figure our which leg which leg is going where which is confusing. Which is why I like the tutorials on 123poling. The tutorials already stop, insert arrows and tips, so you don’t have to keep getting up and pausing in the mid move. It’s nice.

About Me

Jeni Janover is the passionate founder and owner of Liquid Motion®. In addition to being an XPERT and ElevatED certified pole instructor, Jeni has an extensive background in performing and visual arts, ranging from Classical ballet to sculpture and

graduated at the top of her class in the school of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. She began her pole dancing career in 2010, and was instantly addicted. Jeni created Liquid Motion® because she wanted to develop a methodology for people of all levels and backgrounds that teaches students the fundamentals of movement through basic dance theory and exploration of natural instincts. Jeni has taught her signature workshops all over the United States, Mexico and Canada, and is currently teaching Liquid Motion class at Body and Pole. Jeni describes her style of dancing and teaching as a combination of life, love, sex, and raw emotion. She believes that knowledge, exploration, and education are the keys to bringing the aerial arts to the forefront of modern culture and is excited to be a part of the ever-growing pole dance community.

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Payments.  Premium Membership has a yearly recurring charge. You can cancel at any time. Liquid Motion Series 1.0 is the one-time payment. Access. Liquid Motion Series 1.0: lifetime access. Premium Membership: 1-year access. Tutorials.  Liquid Motion Series 1.0 allows access to ONLY 62 Liquid Motion tutorials. Premium Membership allows access to all 62 Liquid Motion tutorials, hundreds of pole tutorials( such as absolute beginners through expert series, combos, warm-ups, transitions, themed series) Twerk Series, Injury Prevention & Corrective Series & routines with Irmingard Series, and much more.
You will get “12 Days of Liquid” and “Next Level Liquid” challenge tutorials with both options. If you choose Premium membership, you will get instant access to ALL Liquid Motion tutorials and hundreds of pole tutorials with other pole stars, twerk tutorials, injury prevention & corrective program, pole routines, and much more. Pole tutorial library is expanding every month.
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Liquid Motion Series 1.0 tutorials is newly developed content exclusively for
Liquid Motion 1.0 offers a completely different program from Liquid Motion Certification. All the moves and combos are different from the tutorials included in the certification library.
If you join the Premium membership, you will get new pole tutorials monthly! If you get Liquid Motion Series 1.0, you will only get access to 62 Liquid Motion Tutorials for a lifetime access. Once all the tutorials are published, there will be no more tutorials added.
Of course! If you have questions or need more help learning my moves, or just want to say how much you love me, use comment field under each tutorial and I will sure reply to you! If you want to have a little more private conversation with me, you can always email me at
Liquid Motion 1.0 does not give you a certificate. Please, visit for more information about Liquid Motion certification programs.

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