Co-founder, Content Developer, Pole Dance Instructor

Irina was introduced to pole dancing in 2007. After taking only several classes she fell in love with pole dancing and began to master new techniques with particular persistence. In 2010 Irina decided to share her secrets of pole dancing with others and opened up a pole dancing studio(Sugar Dance Studio). Since then she has taught hundreds of women how to pole dance, trained new pole dance instructors, and coached pole dance competitors.

Irina says: “ Pole Dancing is a new quickly developing type of fitness. There is always something new to learn even though you think you know everything: you’ll always see new moves, different types of grips and interesting transitions. There is so much to play with, improvise, develop your own style and even invent new pole dancing moves yourself.”


Co-Founder, Cinematographer, and Creative Director

Devon is a professional cinematographer and photographer with over 15 years experience. He is a founder of Devon T Productions Corporation that offers wide range of video and photo services such as music videos, promos, artists, events, fashion.  He 1st took interest in shooting pole dancing in 2012 producing a promo video for Sugar Dance Studio.

Since then Devon has shot numerous pole dancing artists, got familiar with moves and poses, but never even climbed the pole. Devon’s creative vision, shooting and editing skills, and passion in film making lead to production of easy to learn pole dancing lessons.