Voice Over Specialist

Anita is a pole dance enthusiast since 2010.  Anita had her daughter in 2007 and spent all the time she had away from work with her. 3 years later her she felt it was time to do something for herself. Anita wanted to pick up a hobby that will make her feel and look better. Once she tried pole dancing she instantly fell in love.

‘Pole dancing is one of the best sport/ hobby anyone can start. Nothing can give you as much gratitude as you get from pole dancing. The best thing about pole dancing is it never gets old or is it ever repetitive. There’s always something new to learn, always variations to every move, and always something to perfect. Not to mention, having fun while getting got and looking sexy.”- says Anita. Understanding pole dancing moves helps her do voice overs emphasizing each step.


Pole Dance Instructor

Since the age of 4, Jessica has been involved Rhythmic Gymnastics, for 14 years of her life. She competed at World Championships in Moscow (2010); World Championships in France (2011); World Cup in Russia, Italy, Portugal, and Israel (2011); Pan American Championships (2010) and Pan American Games (2011). She also competed in 6 Nationals (2007-2012) and was on the National Team three years straight (2009-2011). Jessica had coached children in Rhythmic Gymnastics for 6 years.

She was introduced to pole dancing through a video of Anastasia Skukhtorova on YouTube and was amazed by the power and grace of pole dancing. She started practicing pole dancing in 2013. After 5 months of practicing, she became a pole dancing instructor at Sugar Dance Studio. Jessica had performed solo at North Pole Express pole dancing showcase (December 2013).  Jessica took 2nd place at National Pole Dance Competition (August 2014) by Pole Dance Organization. She says,”Pole dancing is definitely an amazing experience and gives you an overall remarkable feeling.” In 2014 Jessica got involved into bar workout, became a member of “The Showoffz” group and actively competing.


Transitions Series Instructor

Lina began her formal dance training at the age of 6. She studied the art of ballet and jazz dance, hip-hop and street dance styles. Lina was a contestant and a prize-winner of numerous national and international dance competitions. She started her teaching career at the age of 19. As a choreographer she staged a lot of shows and managed several performing show teams.

The experience in go-go, supporting huge worldwide electronic music festivals,  acting in video clips , commercials and even movies, helped raise her professionalism  in the performing arts industry. Lina has been teaching pole dance choreography since 2012. Also she is a lead singer and a performer in “ElectraFly show” band.


Warm up/Cool Down Series Instructor