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These lessons are awesome! What an easy and effective way to learn!
The explanations for the moves are always broken down into clear and understandable parts. I always have great success! Thank you!
I have tried moves I’ve seen on Youtube or elsewhere. Sometimes I had to cock my head out like a dog, stand upside down, and spin to figure our which leg which leg is going where which is confusing. Which is why I like the tutorials on 123poling. The tutorials already stop, insert arrows and tips, so you don’t have to keep getting up and pausing in the mid move. It’s nice.

About Me

I was born and raised in colorful Denver, Colorado. At the young age of 5, I started gymnastics and was involved in the sport until the age of 12. Later I played nearly every sport under the sun such as soccer, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, basket ball, and later shifted to music. I played bass guitar and tried drums, but nothing quite stuck. I started my undergraduate college career at the University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, Colorado where I found pole dance. After one class I was obsessed, bought my own pole one week later and I have been practicing daily since. I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my two kitties Illyria and Adia where I train and coach other pole dancers. I am currently taking dance lessons and working on developing other acrobatic skills like trampoline wall and aerial straps in the heart of the circus world of the nation. However, pole will always be my true love. I am currently matriculating at the University of Southern California where I am expecting my Masters degree in Social Work in May of 2017. I am currently a 2-time 2016 national pole dance champion title holder and have received various awards in my pole career thus far. I am taking on new pole endeavors in the coming years in countries all over the world, continuing to compete, judge, train, and give workshop tours. I enjoy meeting new polers all over the world and my greatest achievement is inspiring others to push themselves to achieve their goals.


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My step-by-step pole fitness tutorials work for everyone… Yes, even for studio owners! You will learn lots of pole techniques just by watching.

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