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      Learn new & unique ways to enter & exit you favorite pole moves

      Pole tutorials when You want it, where You want it (mobile & tablet friendly)

      Learn more pole moves in less time

      Eliminate inside/outside leg confusion using  our unique teaching method

      Get new tutorials updated monthly

      Get insights on spotting techniques, learning pole moves starting from the floor, most common mistakes,                                  preparation drills, variations & much more.

Ayesha Membership

$1999 USDmonthly recurring charge
  • 30-day access
  • 12-Days of Liquid Tutorials
  • Pole Tutorials From Absolute Beginners to Expert Levels
  • Warm Up Series
  • Combos Series
  • Transitions Series (body rows,hair whips, floor work)
  • Access to Partner Pole Stars
  • cancel anytime

Iron-X membership

$$24999 USDrecurring yearly charge
  • 1-Year Access
  • Liquid Motion Series (value $149.99)
  • All features of Ayesha Membership
  • Routine Flow with Irmingard Mayer coming early 2017 (value $49.99)
  • Injury Prevention & Corrective Program coming early 2017 (value $49.99)
  • Twerk Series coming early 2017
  • cancel any time

Liquid Motion Series

$$14999 USD1-time payment
  • 50 Liquid Motion Tutorials
  • 12 Days of Liquid Tutorials
  • Pole Work Tutorials
  • Floor Work Tutorials coming early 2017
  • Base Work Tutorials coming early 2017

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