Twerktastic Series

Have you wanted to whine like a dancehall queen, twerk like a stripper, or throw it in a circle like the ladies of Naw’lins?  Well, it’s time to learn the moves you have always wanted to learn from the woman featured Backing that Ass Up with Lil’ Wayne himself. Twerktastic Series is a program designed to teach women and men of all sizes and shapes the Art of Twerk. Straight from the heart of Atlanta-Africa the Twerk Queen FiyaStarta brings you a collection of her favorite twerks designed exclusively for 123poling. Each twerk is delicately broken down into steps that even those with 2 left feet can understand. We feature over 50 twerk tutorials from basics to power moves, plus warm-up, routines, bonus challenge (coming soon), and royalty free music you can twerk to.  You will learn major twerk skills while having tons of fun, plus tone and lift that azzzz.