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Contemporary pole dance is a form of dance that combines elements of traditional pole dancing with contemporary dance styles. It is a relatively new dance form that has only emerged in the past few years. Pole dancers often use their training in other dance forms, such as ballet, jazz, and contemporary, to create their unique style of pole dancing. This style of pole dancing is not just about performing acrobatic tricks on the pole but also about expressing oneself through dance. Contemporary pole dancers often use their skills to create unique choreography that tells a story or expresses an emotion. 

ContemPOLEary dance was created and branded Shaina Cruea. 

With over 25 years of dance experience, Shaina began to add contemporary elements to pole dancing creating her own style. ContemPOLEary dance is known for its fluid movement, lines, extensions, pirouettes, and head movement. Shaina created 2 exclusive bundles for you to learn her signature sequences: low flow and fluidity. 

The low flow bundle consists of 5 sequences on a static pole. You do not need to invert or climb. This bundle is perfect for polers who want to add flow and contemporary flair to their routunes when they are not doing pole tricks.

Fluidity bundles is more suitable for advanced polers. You will learn 5 mesmerizing fluid pole combos on a spinning pole. This budle is for polers who want to learn seamles transitions from one pole trick to the next while being graceful and fluid. 

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