Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the 15-Day Free Trial Actually Free?

    Absolutely! Our 15-day trial is completely free, with no hidden charges. Your billing cycle only begins on the 16th day, giving you plenty of time to explore and enjoy our services without any cost. Remember, you have the full freedom to cancel at any point during the first 15 days. So, dive in and start learning without any worries! 🌟

  • What’s Included in My Free Trial?

    Get ready to unlock a world of pole fitness fun with our 15-day free trial! You'll have unlimited access to our comprehensive library of 123poling branded tutorials and courses. This includes a vast range of step-by-step pole lessons for all levels - whether you're just starting out or you're an advanced pole artist. Delve into everything from beginner basics to expert pole techniques, warm-ups, pole transitions, and tips. Plus, you'll get to enjoy our unique offerings like exotic dance tutorials, the ultimate beginner course, contemporary styles, handstand course, twerk lessons, and so much more. There's a whole world of learning and fun waiting for you, and it's all branded with the quality and expertise of 123poling. So, start your journey today and experience the full spectrum of our pole fitness universe! 🌟🎉👯‍♀️

  • Does the Free Trial Include Exotic Tutorials?

    Absolutely! Your free 15-day trial opens up a world of excitement with full access to ALL our 123poling branded exotic tutorials. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these tutorials are designed to spice up your pole journey with flair and finesse. Dive into the exotic side of pole fitness and explore a variety of pole moves and routines, all part of our exclusive 123poling content. Get ready to be inspired! 🌟💃✨

  • How Much Does the Membership Cost After the Free Trial?

    After you've enjoyed your exciting 15-day free trial, if you choose to continue with us, the adventure doesn't stop there! Starting from day 16, you'll automatically transition into our Monthly Membership. This is a recurring subscription at an affordable rate of just $9.99 USD per month. It's a small price for a world of ongoing pole fitness fun, learning, and community! Ready to keep spinning and soaring with us? 🌟🤸‍♀️💫

  • What Happens When My Free 15-Day Access Ends?

    Here's what to expect as your free 15-day journey with us concludes:

    1. If You Cancel Within the First 15 Days: Should you choose to cancel your automated billing within the initial 15-day period, your access will end once those days are up. This means you'll lose access to all our tutorials. But no worries, you're always welcome back!

    2. If You Continue Beyond the Free Trial: Ready for more pole fitness & exotic dance fun? If you decide to stay with us past the 15 days, you'll automatically enter our Monthly Membership on day 16. Your credit card or PayPal account will then be charged $9.99 USD every 30 days, ensuring uninterrupted access to our world of pole fitness. Remember, you have complete control and can cancel this automated billing anytime. Plus, rest assured, the first 15 days are always on us, completely free!

    Whichever path you choose, we're here to support your pole fitness journey! 🌟💃🎉

  • How Do I Sign Up for the 15-Day Free Trial?

    Signing up for your exciting 15-day free trial is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Enter Your Information: Start by providing your personal information and your primary email address.
    2. Create a Secure Password: Next, set up a password for your account. Make sure it's at least 8 characters long for security. Remember, this password, along with your email, will be your key to logging in. Keep in mind that our login process is case-sensitive.
    3. Credit Card Details: Enter your credit card information. This is for billing purposes if you decide to continue after the trial period.
    4. Choose PayPal: Prefer PayPal? Simply click the PayPal option.
    5. Agree to Terms of Service: Tick the checkbox to acknowledge that you agree with our terms of service.
    6. Complete PayPal Sign-Up: Finally, complete your sign-up on the PayPal website. If you don't have a PayPal account, no problem! You can easily create one using your debit or credit card. If you already have a PayPal account, just log in to activate your free trial.

    Once you've signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email and be automatically logged into your account. You're all set to start enjoying our tutorials right away! 🌟🎉👯‍♀️

  • How Can I Cancel My Free Trial?

    Canceling your 15-day free trial is straightforward and hassle-free. Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to Billing Page: First, navigate to the Billing page on our website.
    2. Access My Subscriptions: On the Billing page, find and click on the My Subscriptions tab.
    3. Cancel the Trial: Here, you'll see the option to cancel. Simply click on the "Cancel" button. This action will immediately stop your automated billing.
    4. Confirmation and Expiration Date: Right after you cancel, you'll receive a confirmation email. Also, an expiration date will now be visible in the account details section of your profile, indicating the end of your access period.

    Remember, you're in control and can opt out of your trial at any time. And if you ever decide to return, we're here to welcome you back to the exciting world of pole fitness! 🌟💃👍

  • What Happens If I Forget to Cancel Within the First 15 Days?

    If the 15-day trial period slips by and you haven't canceled, here's what happens:

    1. Automatic Enrollment in Monthly Membership: On the 16th day, you'll automatically become a part of our Monthly Membership program.
    2. Recurring Charges: Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged the membership fee of $9.99 USD every 30 days. This ensures your continuous access to our tutorials and courses.
    3. To Avoid Automatic Charges: If you're not interested in continuing beyond the trial, make sure to cancel your subscription before the 16th day.
    4. Refund Option: If you realize after being billed that you'd prefer not to continue, don't worry! You have the option to request a refund within 7 days of the billing date.

    We understand that things can get busy, so we offer a grace period to ensure you're completely satisfied with your decision to continue with us. And remember, we're always here to help guide you through any part of the process! 🌟🤸‍♀️💖

  • Why is a Credit Card Required for the Free 15-Day Access?

    We ask for your credit or debit card details (or PayPal information) for a couple of key reasons:

    1. Account Verification: Your card details help us verify your account, ensuring a smooth and secure registration process.
    2. Seamless Membership Continuation: This information allows for a seamless transition to continued membership after your 15-day free trial, should you choose to stay with us. This way, your learning and progress in pole fitness remain uninterrupted.

    Remember, you have complete control and can cancel at any time during the trial period. We're committed to making your experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible! 🌟💳👍


  • How to Cancel Your Membership

    Ready to make a change? You can cancel your membership at any time by turning off automated billing. Here’s how:

    1. Head over to the “Billing” page.

    2. Click on the "My Subscriptions" tab.

    3. Press the Cancel button. This action will immediately cancel your automated billing.

    Right after, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and you'll see an expiration date in the account details section. This marks the end date of your current access.

  • Checking for Automated Billing on Your Account

    Want to find out if your account has automated billing set up? Here’s how:

    1. Go to the "Billing" page on our website.

    2. Click on the "My Subscription" tab to see your current subscription status.

    3. If it displays "No Subscriptions," this means there's no automated billing on your account. Your membership will simply expire at the end of your current billing cycle without any automatic renewal.

    This quick check ensures you’re in control of your subscription and billing preferences at 123poling!

  • Can I Pay Using PayPal?

    Absolutely, you can! After filling in your personal details, just select the PayPal option and continue the signup process on the PayPal site. This way, you can easily use PayPal for your transactions.

  • How to Upgrade from Monthly to Yearly Membership

    Ready for more? Upgrading your membership is simple and you've got several options! Just make sure you're logged into your account first. Here’s how:

    Option 1:

    Simply click the link HERE to be directed to the yearly membership checkout.

    Option 2:

    Click the person icon at the top right corner. A menu will drop down. Right below your name, you'll see your membership details and an upgrade button. This option is only available if you have a monthly or yearly membership. 

    Option 3:

    If you have an active subscription, go to the "Billing" page and click the "My Subscription" tab. There, you'll find the upgrade button in your subscription details.

    Option 4:

    Visit our Pricing page and click t he "Join Yearly Membership" button.

    No matter which method you pick, your monthly membership will end right away, and your billing will shift to a yearly recurring subscription. Plus, if you have any remaining time on your monthly membership, we’ll add it to your yearly membership.

  • What Does Recurring Charge Mean?

    A recurring charge is when your payment method—like a credit card, debit card, or PayPal—gets charged automatically at regular intervals. This happens in cases like:

    15-day free access: You'll be charged on the 16th day and then every 30 days after that.

    Monthly Membership: Your account gets charged every 30 days.

    Yearly Membership: You're billed once every year.

    Remember, you have the freedom to cancel anytime you wish. This way, you’re always in control of your membership and charges.

  • Updating Your Credit Card Details

    If you've signed up with a credit card, here's how to update your information:

    First, log into your 123poling account.

    Move your cursor over the person icon to find the “Billing” page.

    Go to the subscriptions area and click on the "Change Payment" button.

    You'll see your subscription details, your current credit card information, and an option to add a new payment method.

    Enter your new credit card details.

    Finally, click on "Change Payment Method" to update your information.

  • Updating Your Credit Card for PayPal Subscriptions

    If you signed up for 123poling using PayPal, here's how to update your credit card details on PayPal:

    Log into your PayPal account.

    Look for the "Credit Card" section in the Account Information column.

    Choose the card you wish to update and click "Edit."

    Type in your credit card verification number.

    Select the expiration month and year from the drop-down menu.

    Click "Save" to complete the update.

    This ensures your 123poling subscription via PayPal remains active with your new credit card information.

  • How to Check Your Signup Method (Credit Card or PayPal)?

    Wondering if you signed up with a credit card or PayPal? Here's how to find out:

    1. Navigate to the "My Account" page on our site.

    2. Look for the Subscriptions section. Here’s what to check:

       - If you see a link labeled "Update Billing Details" next to a "Cancel" link, you've signed up using your credit card directly on our site.

       - If there’s only a "Cancel" link, it means your subscription was set up through PayPal.

       - And if it states "No Subscriptions," you currently don't have any ongoing billing with your membership.

    This simple check helps you understand how you're currently set up for your 123poling adventures!

  • Do We Store Your Credit Card Details on Our Site?

    No, we don’t keep your credit card information on our website. Instead, your billing details are securely sent to the trusted payment gateway, Stripe.com, which is widely used by thousands of businesses and large corporations. If you sign up using PayPal, your credit or debit card information is stored by PayPal. This way, your payment information stays safe and secure.


  • 123poling Subscription Refund

    At 123poling, we aim to provide a flexible and understanding service to our community. Our 7-day refund policy applies to all our subscriptions, including those for the 123poling Marketplace. This policy is in place whether you’ve recently enrolled after a trial period, forgotten to cancel a renewal, or simply decided that our services aren’t the right fit for you.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you need a refund due to an unintentional renewal or any other reason within seven days of your subscription charge, we’re here to help. We understand that these things happen and are committed to facilitating a straightforward and stress-free refund process for both our standard and Marketplace subscriptions.

    Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities, and this policy is a testament to our commitment to providing a fair and responsive service to all our members.

  • How to Claim a Refund at 123poling

    If you need to claim a refund for a course or subscription, the process is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

    1. Email Within 7 Days: Send an email to our support team at info@123poling.com. Make sure to do this within 7 days of your purchase.
    2. Include Refund Request: In your email, clearly state that you are requesting a refund. Providing details such as your order number or the course name can help expedite the process.
    3. Wait for Confirmation: Our support team will review your request and get back to you with confirmation and further instructions if necessary.

    We aim to make your experience with 123poling as smooth and satisfying as possible, so if a course or service isn’t what you expected, we’re here to help with a hassle-free refund process.

  • Marketplace Refunds

    All courses in our marketplace, even though they're offered by individual instructors, still follow 123poling's 7-day refund policy. But remember, to qualify for a refund, you must have accessed less than 50% of the course.

  • 123poling Lifetime Courses Refunds

    Understanding the need for flexibility in online learning, 123poling offers a specific refund policy for our Lifetime Courses. If you enroll in any of our Lifetime Courses and find that it’s not what you were looking for, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase, provided you have viewed less than 50% of the course content.

    We’ve designed this policy to give you the opportunity to explore the course and gauge its suitability for your learning needs. If within this period and content viewing limit you decide the course isn’t right for you, we’re here to assist with a smooth and hassle-free refund process.

    This approach ensures that you can make an informed decision about your learning journey with the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s a safety net, should your choice not align with your expectations.

  • How soon can I expect my refund to be processed?

    Once we at 123poling receive and process your refund request, we initiate the refund immediately with your payment processor or bank. However, the time it takes for the refund to be reflected in your account can vary. Typically, it may take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days, but this duration can extend depending on your bank or your location.

    Please note that different financial institutions have their own processing times, and some may take longer than others to credit the funds back to your account. We appreciate your patience during this process and assure you that we do our part to expedite your refund as quickly as possible.

  • How can I check the status of my refund?

    To track the status of your refund for a 123poling subscription or lifetime courses, you can easily do so by looking at your billing/payment history. This section will display the current status of any refund requests you've made.

    For refunds related to purchases made in the Marketplace, the process is just as straightforward. Simply go to the 'My Courses' section and then navigate to 'Order History'. Here, alongside each course you've purchased, you'll find the payment status, which includes updates on your refund request.

    These features are designed to keep you informed and provide transparency regarding the status of your refunds, ensuring you're up-to-date on the progress of your request.


  • What is a referral program?

    A referral program is a fantastic opportunity to earn free access to 123Poling.com. By sharing your personal referral link with your pole friends & encouraging them to become paid members on our platform, you can earn $5 USD credit for each qualified referral. This way, you not only enhance the pole dance community but also reap the rewards of your recommendations. 

  • Who can participate in the referral program?

    No, you do not need to have a paid subscription to participate in our referral program. You can start earning referral credits and enjoy free access to 123Poling.com without the need for a paid subscription. This makes it accessible to all users, regardless of their subscription status, and provides an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the program.

  • Do I need to have a paid subscription?

    No, you do not need to have a paid subscription to participate in our referral program. You can start earning referral credits and enjoy free access to 123Poling.com without the need for a paid subscription. This makes it accessible to all users, regardless of their subscription status, and provides an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the program.

  • Where can I find my referral link/code?

    You can easily find your referral link or code on 123Poling.com by following these steps:

    1. Ensure that you are logged into your 123Poling account.
    2. Once logged in, navigate to your profile menu.
    3. Select the “Billing” or “Referrals” option.

    Your personal referral link will be available in this section. Click here to see an example. 

    Alternatively, your can click HERE , be sure your are logged in.

    Additionally, you can also locate your referral link in the welcome email you received and on every payment receipt from 123Poling.com. This way, you have multiple avenues to access and share your referral link with others.

  • What can I use my referral credits for at 123poling?

    Your referral credits at 123poling are a fantastic way to enhance your learning experience with us. You can use these credits for:

    • 123poling Subscriptions: Apply your credits to either monthly or yearly subscriptions, giving you access to our extensive range of pole fitness lessons and exotic dance tutorials.
    • 123poling Lifetime Courses: Dive deeper into your pole fitness journey by using credits for our branded Lifetime Courses, providing comprehensive, in-depth learning experiences.

    Remember, the more you refer, the more credits you earn, unlocking more opportunities for learning and growth in pole fitness!

  • Can I Use My Referral Credits for Marketplace Courses?

    No, referral credits are specifically designed for use towards any 123poling memberships. They cannot be applied to marketplace courses.

  • What is a qualified referral?

    A qualified referral in the 123Poling.com referral program must meet the following criteria:

    1. The referred individual must sign up with your personal referral link. This link is unique to you and is used to track and attribute the referral.
    2. The referred individual must make a minimum purchase of $9.99 USD. This typically involves them subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan on 123Poling.com.
    3. The referred individual must be new to 123Poling.com, meaning they do not already have an existing account or subscription on the platform. 

    These three criteria determine whether a referral is qualified and eligible for the referral program’s rewards.

  • How do I refer my pole friends?

    Referring your pole friends to 123Poling.com is simple and convenient. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. First, make sure you are logged into your 123Poling.com account.

    2. Navigate to the “Refer a Pole Friend” page within your account.

    3. Utilize the sharing buttons provided for Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp to share your referral link with your pole friends and followers on these platforms.

    4. If you have multiple friends to refer, you can enter up to 5 email addresses into the email fields to send bulk referral emails. You can continue sending more emails after the first batch has been sent.

    5. Copy your unique referral link and share it on any other social accounts or within pole dancing communities you are a part of. This way, you can reach a wider audience and encourage more referrals.

    By following these steps, you can easily refer your pole friends and enjoy the benefits of the 123Poling.com referral program while expanding your pole dance community.

  • How do I know when I’ve successfully referred someone?

    To confirm whether you’ve successfully referred someone, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your profile menu on 123Poling.com.

    2. Click on the “Billing” then “Referrals” option.

    3. If you have successfully referred someone, you will see a list of the available referral credits in this section. This provides a clear and convenient way to track your successful referrals and the associated credits in your account.

  • Do referrals expire?

    Referrals on 123Poling.com do not expire. This means that if you refer a pole friend who creates a free trial account but does not immediately enroll in a paid subscription, you still have the opportunity to earn your referral credit. The tracking mechanism will recognize your referrals. When your pole friend decides to join a monthly or yearly subscription in the future, you will still receive your referral credit, even if some time has passed. This flexibility allows you to benefit from your successful referrals at any time.

  • How and when will I receive my reward credits?

    You will receive your $5 reward credit after your pole friend makes their first payment for either a monthly or yearly subscription. Please note that it may take a few days for the payment to fully process before the reward credit is applied to your account. This ensures that the referral has been successfully completed and processed before you receive your credit.

  • Do credits apply to subscriptions automatically?

    Yes, credits earned through our referral program will be applied to subscriptions automatically. This means that no matter how much credits you earn, they are automatically used to cover the cost of your subscription, reducing or eliminating the need to pay for it with other forms of payment.

  • Do credits apply at the check out automatically?

    Yes, in 123Poling.com’s referral program, credits are typically applied automatically at the checkout. This means that when you have accumulated credits through successful referrals, they will be automatically deducted from the total cost during the checkout process, making it convenient and hassle-free for you to enjoy the benefits of the program without the need for a subscription fee.

  • Do credits accumulate?

    Yes, in 123Poling.com’s referral program, credits accumulate. This means that as you successfully refer more pole friends to our platform, you can earn and stack up credits over time. These accumulated credits can then be used to cover the cost of your subscription. It’s a great way to maximize the rewards for your referrals and enjoy continued access to 123Poling.com without a subscription fee.

  • Excess Credits

    If you’ve gathered more credits than needed to cover your subscription fee, the surplus credits will remain in your account until your next subscription renewal. During each renewal, only the credits equivalent to the subscription fee will be deducted, ensuring that you make the most of your accumulated credits.

  • Do credits expire?

    No, the credits earned through 123Poling.com’s referral program do not expire. They have a lifetime duration, which means you can accumulate and use them at your convenience without worrying about a deadline. This provides flexibility and ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your referrals for an extended period.

  • Can I get cash instead?

    The credit earned through 123Poling.com’s referral program is specifically applied to the 123Poling subscription and cannot be redeemed for cash. This means that the rewards you accumulate can be used to access 123Poling.com’s services and content without the need for a subscription fee.

  • Will my pole friend receive a reward too?

    No, your pole friend will receive a 15-day free access trial to 123Poling.com. If they choose to continue their pole fitness journey by enrolling in a paid subscription, you will then receive your $5 credit as a reward for your successful referral. This way, both you and your friend benefit from the referral program in different ways.

  • What if my referral forgets to use my referral link?

    Regrettably, there is no possible resolution for attributing a referral to your account if your pole friend forgot to use your referral link when signing up. It’s crucial for them to utilize the link during the initial subscription process to ensure proper referral credit. Once the subscription is completed without the link, there are no available means to retroactively link it to your account or receive credit for the referral.

  • If my pole friend gets a refund, do I get to keep my credit?

    No, if your pole friend receives a refund for their subscription, your referral credit will also be deducted accordingly. The credit is contingent on the successful subscription of your referred friend, so if the subscription is refunded, the associated credit will be revoked as well.

  • Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer to or the rewards I can earn?

    There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to or the rewards you can earn in 123Poling.com’s referral program. You can refer as many pole friends as you like, and there’s no maximum cap on the rewards you can accumulate. This allows you to continue sharing the benefits of 123Poling.com with your pole dancing community and reaping the rewards without any restrictions.

  • Can referral credits be manually added to my account by the admin?

    Referral credits cannot be manually added to your account by the admin. The system relies on automated referral software to track and calculate credits accurately, and there is no manual intervention for adding or adjusting these credits. This ensures transparency and fairness in the referral program.

  • Can I receive credit for previous friends I referred before the Referral Program was launched?

    No, you cannot receive credits for members you referred before the Referral Program was launched. The referral program typically applies to new referrals made after its launch and does not retroactively compensate for referrals made prior to its introduction. Additionally, it’s important to note that referrals can only be made via the unique referral link provided by the program. Your referral credits are tied to the program’s terms and conditions, which are typically established from the launch date forward and are contingent on the use of the referral link.

  • Can I get credit for referring existing members?

    No, you cannot receive credit for referring existing members. The referral program rewards referrals for new members who join the platform as a result of your recommendation. Existing members are usually not eligible for referral credits as the program aims to encourage the growth of the user base through new sign-ups.

  • What happens if my pole friend cancels their subscription?

    If your pole friend has made at least one payment of a minimum of $9.99 USD for a monthly or yearly subscription and then cancels their subscription, you will still receive the referral credit. The key condition is that your friend needs to have made the initial payment to be considered a qualified referral. The credit is awarded based on the successful payment, and it remains in your account even if your friend cancels their subscription afterward.

  • What happens if my pole has been referred used the trial but canceled before they get charged a subscription fee?

    If your referred pole friend used the trial but canceled before they were charged a subscription fee, you will not receive a referral credit. The referral credit is typically awarded based on a successful minimum payment of $9.99 USD, which means that for a referral to be eligible, your friend needs to make the initial payment for a subscription. If they cancel before this payment is processed, the referral is not considered successful, and no credit is granted.

  • Can I transfer my referral credits?

    No, referral credits cannot be transferred to another account or user. They are intended solely for use within your own account.

  • Where can I find the full Terms and Conditions?

    You can access the full Terms and Conditions for the 123Poling.com Referral Program by following this link: Terms and Conditions


  • What is the 123poling.com Marketplace?

    The 123poling.com Marketplace is an exciting hub where passion for pole fitness and dance meets a world of learning opportunities. Our mission is to open up a universe of possibilities for both learners and instructors in the realms of pole fitness, exotic dance, and beyond. This global platform welcomes courses in multiple languages, taught by experts who bring real-world experience straight to your screen.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our Marketplace caters to all levels. You can dive into a variety of categories including pole fitness, exotic dance, stretching techniques, and many more. Each course is designed not just to teach, but to inspire and ignite a deeper passion for pole dancing and fitness.

    At 123poling.com, we believe in creating a community where learning is boundless. Our Marketplace is more than just a collection of courses; it’s a space where you can grow, connect, and explore the diverse world of pole and dance, all under one digital roof. So, start your journey today and discover the endless possibilities that await you in the 123poling.com Marketplace!

  • How do I find courses on the Marketplace?

    Finding the perfect course on the 123poling.com Marketplace is easy and intuitive! To start your journey, simply visit our dedicated page at 123poling.com/marketplace. Once there, you'll enter a world of choices, all organized to help you find what you're looking for with ease.

    Here’s how you can navigate:

    • Browse by Category: Our courses are neatly categorized. Whether you're into pole fitness, exotic dance, or want to improve your stretching techniques, there's a category for you.
    • Search Bar: If you have something specific in mind, use the search bar. Just type in keywords like "beginner pole dancing" or "advanced stretching," and watch relevant courses pop up.
    • Filter Options: Use filters to narrow down your search. You can filter by difficulty level, language, instructor, and more, making it super simple to find courses that fit your needs.
    • Course Previews: Each course comes with a preview and detailed description. Take a moment to read through and watch any available snippets to get a feel for the course content and teaching style.
    • Ratings and Reviews: Check out what other students are saying. Ratings and reviews can give you insights into the course’s effectiveness and popularity.

    Once you find a course that sparks your interest, you can learn more about it, purchase it, and start your learning adventure right away. It's that simple! So, head over to our Marketplace and begin exploring the wonderful world of pole fitness and dance courses tailored just for you.

  • Can I preview a course before purchasing?

    Absolutely! At 123poling.com, we understand how important it is to ensure a course is the right fit for you before making a purchase. That's why we've made it possible for you to preview courses on our Marketplace.

    When you find a course that interests you, simply visit the course overview page. Here, you'll find a detailed breakdown of all the lessons included in the course. This gives you a clear idea of what to expect in terms of content and structure.

    What's more, some of our instructors offer the option to watch a few lessons for free before you decide to buy the course. These unlocked lessons serve as a sneak peek into the teaching style and quality of the course, helping you make an informed decision.

    We believe that this preview feature will enhance your experience on our platform, ensuring that you enroll in courses that truly resonate with your learning goals and interests. So, feel free to explore, preview, and find the course that's just right for you!

  • Are there any prerequisites for courses in the Marketplace?

    The prerequisites for courses in our Marketplace can vary and are dependent on the specific course you're interested in. To ensure that our students have the best learning experience, some courses might require a certain level of skill, knowledge, or even physical fitness, especially for more advanced topics in pole fitness or exotic dance.

    To find out if a course you're eyeing has any prerequisites, simply visit the course overview page. There, you'll find detailed information about what, if any, prerequisites are needed. This could include prior experience in pole dancing, a certain level of fitness, or familiarity with specific dance styles.

    We recommend checking these details before enrolling in a course to ensure it aligns with your current skill level and learning goals. This way, you can choose a course that not only interests you but also matches your learning pace and ability, helping you get the most out of your experience on 123poling.com.

  • How do I access my purchased courses?

    Accessing your purchased courses on 123poling.com is straightforward and user-friendly. Once you've selected and purchased a course, it's easy to start learning.

    Here’s how you can access your courses:

    Navigate to Your Dashboard: Each student on our platform has a personalized course dashboard. This is where all your course activities are centralized.

    Go to 'My Courses': Click on 'My Courses' from your profile menu. This section is designed to give you quick access to all the courses you’ve enrolled in.

    View Your Order History: In 'My Courses', you can navigate to your 'Order History'. This area shows all the courses you've purchased.

    Manual Enrollment: After purchasing a course, you need to manually enroll in it. This step ensures that you have control over when you start your courses and manage your learning schedule effectively.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily access all your purchased courses. Your dashboard is designed to be not just a gateway to learning but also a tool to track your progress, plan your learning journey, and revisit courses whenever you want. So, dive into your 'My Courses' section and start exploring the enriching world of pole fitness and dance at your own pace!

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with a course?

    Yes, at 123poling.com, we want you to be completely satisfied with your learning experience. We understand that sometimes a course might not meet your expectations or needs. That’s why we offer a 7-day refund policy for courses purchased through our Marketplace.

    If you find that a course isn’t right for you, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase, provided you have accessed less than 50% of the course content. We believe this policy gives you enough time to explore the course and make an informed decision about its suitability for your learning goals.

    To request a refund, simply contact our support team with your order details. Our team is here to assist you with the process and ensure that it’s hassle-free. We value your satisfaction and learning experience above all, and this refund policy is a testament to our commitment to your happiness and growth in pole fitness and dance.

  • Is there a limit to how many courses I can enroll in?

    At 123poling.com, we believe in offering you limitless learning opportunities. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of courses you can enroll in on our platform. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your skills in pole fitness and dance, you have the freedom to enroll in as many courses as you like.

    This unlimited access allows you to tailor your learning journey to your own pace, preferences, and goals. You can explore a wide range of courses across different levels and styles, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience. Whether you want to focus on one course at a time or dive into multiple topics simultaneously, the choice is entirely yours.

    So, feel free to browse our Marketplace, discover courses that excite you, and enroll in as many as you wish. Your learning adventure on 123poling.com has no boundaries!

  • How do I leave feedback for a course I’ve taken?

    Your feedback is invaluable to us at 123poling.com, and we've made it easy for you to share your thoughts on a course you've completed.

    Here’s how you can leave a review:

    1. Complete the Course: Firstly, complete the course you wish to review. This ensures that you can provide comprehensive and informed feedback based on your entire learning experience.
    2. Navigate to the Course Overview Page: After completing the course, go to the course overview page. This is where you found all the details about the course before you started.
    3. Click on Reviews: On the course overview page, you'll find a section or a tab labeled 'Reviews'. Click on this to proceed to the review submission area.
    4. Write Your Review: Here, you can write your review, sharing your thoughts, experiences, and any feedback you have about the course. Your insights will be helpful to both future students and the instructors.
    5. Submit for Approval: Once you've written your review, submit it. Our admins will then review your feedback to ensure it meets our guidelines for publication.
    6. Publication: After admin review, your feedback will be published on the course page. This way, you contribute to our community's learning experience by helping others make informed decisions about their course choices.

    We encourage honest and constructive reviews, as they are essential in helping us maintain the quality of our courses and assisting other students in choosing courses that best suit their needs. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!

  • Can I interact with instructors or other students?

    Yes, at 123poling.com, we believe interaction and community engagement are key components of a fulfilling learning experience. That's why we've integrated a feature that allows you to interact with both instructors and fellow students.

    Each lesson in our courses includes a comments field. This interactive space is designed for you to ask questions, share insights, or even offer feedback related to the lesson.

    You can use this feature to:

    Engage with Instructors: Have a question about a specific move or technique? Use the comments field to reach out directly to your course instructor. They are there to help and provide additional insights to enhance your learning.

    Connect with Fellow Students: The comments field is also a great place to connect with other students who are taking the same course. Share experiences, tips, or even encourage each other as you progress through the course.

    Enhance Your Learning Experience: By interacting with instructors and peers, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the course material, pick up new perspectives, and feel a sense of community as you learn.

    So, don’t hesitate to use this feature to its fullest. Engaging with others in the course can significantly enrich your learning journey, adding an interactive and collaborative dimension to your online learning experience on 123poling.com.

  • Are there any special offers or discounts for courses?

    Special offers and discounts on courses in the 123poling.com Marketplace can vary, as they are at the discretion of individual instructors. Our instructors have the freedom to create their own pricing structures and decide if and when to offer discounts on their courses. This means that:

    1. Check Course Pages Regularly: Some instructors might offer introductory discounts for new courses or special promotions during certain times of the year. It’s a good idea to regularly check the course pages for any such offers.
    2. Look for Announcements: Keep an eye on announcements or updates on our platform, as we may occasionally feature courses that are currently being offered at a discount.
    3. Newsletter Sign-ups: Consider signing up for our newsletter. We often use newsletters to inform our learners about special deals, new courses, and other exciting updates.
    4. Instructor Profiles: You can also follow your favorite instructors on their profiles, as they might announce special offers and discounts there.

    Remember, each instructor is unique in how they price and offer discounts on their courses. This approach allows for a diverse range of courses and pricing options, catering to different budgets and learning preferences. So, be sure to explore and keep an eye out for any deals that might pop up!

  • What should I do if a course is no longer available on the 123poling Marketplace?

    At 123poling.com, our online learning platform offers a vast array of courses. It's important to note that while we facilitate the offering of these courses, the intellectual property rights of the course content are owned by the instructors themselves. Occasionally, an instructor may choose to withdraw their course from our platform, or there may be instances where 123poling is required to remove a course due to policy or legal considerations.

    If you find yourself enrolled in a course that gets removed from our marketplace, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately. Our team is always here to assist and provide support in such situations, ensuring that your learning experience is as smooth and uninterrupted as possible.

  • Is it possible to re-take a course I’ve already completed?

    Yes, at 123poling.com, you have the flexibility to re-take any course you’ve enrolled in, as often as you like within the course’s enrollment period. To do this, simply follow these steps:

    1. Retake Course Button: On the course overview page, you'll find a 'Retake Course' button. Clicking this allows you to start the course over.
    2. Choose How to Proceed: You have two options when you retake a course:
    • Keep Your Data: If you choose to keep your existing data, all your previous assignments, quiz attempts, and learning progress will be retained. This option is great if you want to refresh your memory while keeping track of your past performance.
    • Reset the Course: Alternatively, you can opt to reset the course. This means you will start from scratch, and all your previous results, including quiz scores and assignments, will be reset. This is a good choice if you want a completely fresh start and experience the course as if for the first time.

    The ability to retake a course is a great way to reinforce your learning, especially in areas where you might want extra practice or a deeper understanding. Whether you want to revisit specific sections or redo the entire course, the choice is yours, allowing for a tailored learning experience to meet your individual needs.

  • How long is my access to a purchased course on 123poling.com?

    The duration of access to any course you purchase on 123poling.com can vary, as it is determined by the individual instructor of each course. Our instructors have the autonomy to set their own rules regarding course access, which means:

    1. Check the Course Details: When you're interested in a course, it's important to look at the course overview page. Here, you will find specific information about how long you'll have access to the course once you've enrolled.
    2. Varied Access Periods: Some courses might offer lifetime access, while others may be available for a limited time. This depends on the instructor's preference and the nature of the course content.
    3. Stay Informed: Make sure to note the access period so you can plan your learning schedule accordingly. If you're unsure or need more information, feel free to reach out to the instructor or our support team for clarification.

    Understanding the access period for each course will help you make the best use of the resources available and ensure that you complete the course within the given timeframe. At 123poling.com, we aim to provide clear and comprehensive information so you can make informed decisions about your learning journey.

  • Is It Possible to Change or Exchange My Course at 123poling?

    At 123poling, we currently do not have a direct system in place for exchanging one course for another. However, we offer a practical alternative to accommodate your needs. If you wish to change to a different course, you can proceed as follows:

    1. Submit a Refund Request: If you find that your initially chosen course isn’t quite right for you, you can submit a refund request. Remember, this request needs to be in line with our refund guidelines – typically within 7 days of purchase and with less than 50% of the course content viewed.
    2. Purchase Another Course: Once your refund is processed, you are free to select and purchase another course that better suits your interests or learning goals.

    We understand the importance of finding the right course for your learning journey, and our refund and purchase process is designed to give you the flexibility to do just that. While a direct exchange option is not available, this method ensures that you can still find the perfect course for your needs with minimal hassle.

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