Free Pole Dance Tutorials

If you’re seeking free pole dance tutorials, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1400 pole lessons in our library, we’re excited to share some of these valuable resources with you for free. You can access a wide range of pole dance tutorials, starting from beginner pole moves to advanced pole tricks. If you’re passionate about exotic pole lessons, you can explore a diverse range of options, including heel clacks, exotic pole dance, exotic chair, basework, transitions, and even Liquid Motion. Discover how to master the most popular beginner pole spin, known as the Firefighter Spin (or Fireman Spin), as well as advanced pole tricks like the Jade Split, and a host of other exciting moves.

firefighter spin Free pole dancing tutorials
Also called Fireman is a basic beginner pole spin. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to properly perform it on a static & spinning pole, the most common mistakes, preps, correct engagement, and tips.
Supermen pole move is an intermediate pole dance trick that a lot of pole dancers are struggling with. In this pole lesson you will learn how to condition your inner things, 3 ways of getting into this pole move, how to correctly spot someone trying to learn pole Superman and
This pole split is an advanced pole trick. While it looks impressive it has 3 points of contact and utilizes a lot of skin grip. Even if you do not have a split, you can still learn this pole move.
Spatchcock is one of the most impressive expert pole moves. It requires lots of flexibility and pole experience. This pole dance tutorial includes flexibility requirements, step-by-step instructions for static & spinning pole, the most common mistakes & how to fix them, and spotting techniques.
Basic Dip Turn is a part of the Liquid Motion 1.0 course but it is also an essential move for any pole dance style. This pole dance tutorial is packed with tips, exclusive instructions on how to make it Liquid, and most common mistakes.
This example of exotic pole dancing utilizes an actual pole trick. If you can't get into the Inside Leg Hook with a split grip, you can follow another tutorial Pole Sit to Inside Leg.

Enhance Your Start with Beginner Pole Education

If you’re new to home pole fitness, we offer a diverse range of individual beginner pole moves and spins to get you started on your journey. Yet, above all, establishing a strong foundation is the key for every beginner pole dancer. If you find our beginner pole lessons enjoyable and want to take your skills to the next level, we wholeheartedly encourage you to enroll in our comprehensive Beginner Fundamentals Course.

Pole Fitness Lessons

Pole dancing is a highly technical sport, where the smallest details can significantly influence your performance and safety. Our step-by-step pole fitness lessons are meticulously designed, taking you through proper progressions. You’ll start from the basics, learning positions from the floor and from a standing position, and once you gain confidence, you can explore pole tricks aerially.

Whether you’re a beginner pole dancer or an experienced pole instructor, our pole fitness lessons cater to your needs. Our pole tutorials encompass a wide spectrum of individual pole moves, spins, graceful drops, challenging climbs, seamless transitions, and even dynamic pole combos. We are here to to enhance your home pole fitness experience & your pole skills.

pole dancer wearing sticky pole leggings

Pole Conditioning

Pole dance workout is not complete without proper pole conditioning. No pole dance workout is truly comprehensive without effective pole conditioning. Shoulder mount conditioning is one of our extensive collection. Our repertoire includes a diverse array of on and off-pole exercises tailored for pole dancers of all levels.

Exotic Pole Tutorials

At 123 Poling, we’ve got you covered for all your home pole dancing needs, including a wide array of exotic pole lessons. Take your pick from pole work, pole basework, floorwork, exotic chair, or even the art of lap dance. Dive into the world of shoulder rolls, pirouettes, sultry heel clacks, unique individual exotic moves, captivating sequences, and beautifully choreographed routines to perfect your exotic pole dancing skills.

Get it All with15-Day Free Trial

Are you ready to boost your pole dancing skills? Look no further! Start your 15-Day Free Trial today. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just taking your first steps on the pole, here’s a list of who can benefit from this exciting opportunity:

1. Pole dancer at home

If you’re passionate about pole dancing in the comfort of your home, our pole lessons provide the perfect foundation for your practice.

2. Pole Instructor

Experienced or aspiring pole instructors can explore fresh ideas, teaching techniques, and educational content to enrich their pole classes and empower their students.

3. Pole Competitor

For those participating in pole dance competitions, our resources offer valuable assistance in perfecting pole routines and mastering complex pole moves to secure that winning edge.

4. Studio-Attending Pole Dancers

Even if you regularly attend a pole studio, our platform is a fantastic resource to brush up on pole techniques, learn new pole moves, and gain more knowledge.

Many pole dancers find themselves endlessly scrolling through Instagram, saving pole moves and routines, only to discover they lack the instructions to bring these feats to life. The frustration of not being able to learn and master these pole tricks can be discouraging. However, at 123Poling, we offer a refreshing change. Here, every inspiring pole move or routine comes with detailed, step-by-step pole lessons, ensuring that your aspirations are not only within reach but also achievable. Say goodbye to the endless scrolling and hello to pole dancing excellence with the guidance you need.

Join our 15-Day Free Trial today and discover the world of pole dancing with our free pole dance tutorials, tailored to your unique interests and goals. Whether you’re a beginner pole dancer, instructor, competitor, or simply curious, we’ve got something special for you.

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