Beginner Intermediate pole course by Anastasia Sokolova
Embark on your pole dancing adventure with the renowned Anastasia Sokolova’s Beginner & Intermediate Course, on 123poling Marketplace. This course packs everything from foundational techniques to Anastasia’s signature moves into over 52 detailed video lessons. Perfect for beginner pole dancers and intermediates alike, it’s your ticket to elevating your skills
Dive into 123Poling's 2024 Challenge Series to dramatically transform your dance skills. Whether you're into pole dancing, floor work, or chair dances, we've got you covered. Each month brings a new challenge to inspire and push your limits. With free tutorials, community support, and no cost to join, it's the
Explore the essentials of the Pole Sit in this definitive guide. Learn techniques from basic to advanced variations and get tips to master this fundamental pole fitness move, enhancing your strength, grace, and artistic expression in pole dancing.
Discover the key to fluid, graceful pole dancing: Mobility. Learn essential mobility moves, routines, and tips to enhance your performance and prevent injuries. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer, our guide offers practical advice for all levels. Start your journey to better movement and unlock your full pole
Our platform is designed to make pole fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Earn free access with our referral program.
Uncover the secrets of experienced pole dancers who return to the basics to skyrocket their skills. From safety to creativity and longevity, these fundamentals hold the key to pole dance excellence. Dive into our article and learn how fundamentals can transform your pole dancing journey.
Feeling stuck? Follow these 8 practical tips to achieve pole dancing training progress. You'll be able to set realistic goals, train efficiently, and celebrate your achievements.
Are you new to pole dancing? Don't let these common mistakes hinder your progress or put you at risk of injury. Discover the 12 blunders to avoid as a beginner, and unlock your full potential on the pole. Read now for essential tips and guidance to enhance your journey.
Discover the transformative power of pole dancing as a form of fitness and self-expression. This article presents 10 expert pole dance tips designed specifically for beginners to help them master the art.
PoleCon is an exciting event that brings together pole dancers from around the world for a weekend of workshops, performances, and special events. If you're curious about this international pole dancing convention, look no further! Read on to discover what PoleCon has to offer and how you can be a
Learning pole dancing is a great way to stay fit, have fun, and learn some new skills. As a beginner in pole dance, there are certain beginner pole spins & beginner pole moves that you should master first before diving into more complex techniques. Developing the basics ensures that you
Pole dancing is often seen as a workout reserved for fit and sexy women in expensive studios. But what if you could do it all from the comfort of your home, without ever having to leave the house? And what if it was a workout that was fun, challenging, and
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