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      Learn new ways to enter & exit your favorite pole moves

    Mobile & tablet friendly

      Learn more pole moves in less time

      Eliminate inside/outside leg confusion using our unique teaching method

      New tutorials updated weekly

      Get insights on spotting techniques, most common mistakes, preparation drills, variations & much more

Choose Membership That Is Right For You

Ayesha Membership

$1999 USDmonthly recurring charge
  • 12 Liquid Motion Tutorials
  • Pole Tutorials From Absolute Beginners to Expert Levels
  • Warm Up Series
  • Combos Series
  • Transitions Series (body rows,hair whips, floor work)
  • Access to Partner Pole Stars
  • cancel anytime
  • Get Ayesha Membership

Iron-X Premium Membership

$$24999 USDyearly recurring charge
  • All features of Ayesha Membership
  • Routine Flow with Irmingard Mayer (value $149.99)
  • Liquid Motion Series (value $149.99)
  • Pole Handstand series (value $149.99)
  • Twerk Series coming soon (value $149.99)
  • Injury Prevention & Corrective Program coming soon (value $149.99)
  • cancel any time

Specialty Series Available For Individual Purchase

Liquid Motion Series

$$14999 USD1-time payment
  • over 60 Liquid Motion Tutorials
  • Pole Work Tutorials
  • Base Work Tutorials
  • Floor Work Tutorials
  • Exclusive Tips & Signature Moves
  • Bonus 12 Liquid Motion Challenge Tutorials
  • Bonus “Anatomy Of The Heels” Tutoials

Twerktastic Series

$$14999 USD1-time payment
  • 60 Twerk Tutorials
  • Basic Twerks, Standing Twerks, Low Twerks, Isolations, Power Twerk Moves
  • Twerk Warm Up
  • Twerk Routines
  • Twerk Tips
  • Free Twerk Music Download
  • Bonus 7 Challenge Tutorials

Pole Flow Series

$$14999 USD1-time payment
  • 30 Pole Flow Sequences (static & spinning pole)
  • Beginner Pole Flow Sequences
  • Intermediate Pole Flow Sequences
  • Advanced Pole Flow Sequences

Pole Handstand Series

$$14999 USD1-time payment
  • From Beginner To Expert Levels
  • Growing Library

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