ContemPOLEary Fluidity Bundle

The ContemPOLEary Fluidity Bundle is a dynamic and creatively structured course designed to explore the fusion of contemporary dance elements with spinning pole techniques. This course is tailor-made for those who wish to bring a contemporary flair to their pole sequences, focusing on fluidity, elegance, and the seamless integration of advanced pole tricks.

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Who Is This Course For?

  • Intermediate & Advanced Pole Dancers: Ideal for those who have a solid foundation in pole dancing and are ready to elevate their skills.
  • Dancers Focused on Spinning Pole Combos: Perfect for pole dancers eager to master intricate spinning pole combinations and sequences.

What Will I Learn?

  • 5 ContemPOLEary Stylized Sequences: Learn and perfect sequences that blend contemporary dance with pole artistry.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Pole Tricks: Techniques such as the meathook, plus sign, and others are incorporated for a challenging yet rewarding experience.
  • ContemPOLEary Elements: Understand and apply contemporary dance elements to enhance your pole routines.

Benefits of the Course

  • Enhanced Pole Movement Fluidity: Develop a smoother, more cohesive flow in your pole routines.
  • Creative Routine Construction: Use the ContemPOLEary sequences as a foundation for building your unique routines.
  • Seamless Transitions: Achieve transitions that are fluid and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Contemporary Dance Integration: Learn to incorporate contemporary dance elements into your pole dancing, adding a new dimension to your performances.

Course Structure

The ContemPOLEary Fluidity Bundle is comprehensive and well-structured to facilitate effective learning:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed guidance to ensure you grasp each technique and sequence.
  • Preps on Static Pole: Prepare for spinning pole sequences with foundational exercises on a static pole.
  • Common Mistakes: Insights into the most frequent errors to help you learn more effectively and avoid injury.
  • Transitions: Focus on the fluid transitions between moves, essential for a polished performance.
  • Modifications: Variations of movements to accommodate different skill levels.
  • Personal Tips: Expert advice and strategies from experienced instructors to enhance your learning.

Course Duration

  • Self-Paced Learning: Given the complexity of some advanced pole moves included in this course, it is important to take your time to fully grasp and master each element.

The ContemPOLEary Fluidity Bundle offers a unique opportunity to explore and master the intersection of contemporary dance and spinning pole techniques. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have improved your technical skills but also have gained the ability to create captivating, fluid, and contemporary-inspired pole routines. Embrace this journey of artistic growth and transform your pole dancing into a more fluid, expressive, and contemporary art form.

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