International Pole Convention AKA PoleCon is the world’s largest gathering of pole dancers and enthusiasts, and takes place every year in the USA. This year’s event is sure to be the biggest and best yet, with a lineup of world-class instructors, performances, and more. There’s something for everyone at PoleCon. Here’s everything you need to know about this can’t-miss event.

PoleCon Education.

PoleCon offers a variety of free & paid seminars, workshops, and even certifications for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You can learn the basics of pole dancing or refine existing techniques with master classes and workshops tailored specifically for you.

PoleCon is an incredible opportunity for aspiring pole dancers to learn from the pros and improve their skills. Workshops, seminars, and certification programs giving participants the chance to learn pole dance moves and inspiration from some of the leading figures in the international pole dance community. Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your pole dancing to the next level, PoleCon provides necessary access and support that can guarantee success in your journey as a dancer. With expert coaches, fresh ideas, and ongoing mentoring – PoleCon workshops, seminars, and certification programs provide everything needed to learn the art of pole dance and reach amazing heights!

PoleCon showcases.

The International Pole Convention will be a great opportunity to see pole dance at its best. Professional pole dancers from all around the world, some renowned and well-established, will put on stunning pole shows and performances. Amateurs too, those more familiar with pole dancing basics or pole fitness, will also strut their stuff for an eager audience. It’s not just about watching pole dance at its best though – there may even be opportunities for attendees to learn performance techniques and tips – something for all pole dancers of any ability.

PoleCon vendors.

PoleCon vendors are an essential part of the International Pole Convention, drawing pole enthusiasts from all over the world. If you’re looking to shop for pole dance gear, apparel and accessories, then the PoleCon vendors at this year’s event will not disappoint! With clothing and apparel specially designed for pole dancing, as well as accessories and other supportive aids, there is everything needed for a successful day of poling. Get ready to shop your heart out!

PoleCon Community.

The pole dance community is a vibrant group of passionate pole dancers from all walks of life, gathered together for the annual International Pole Convention. This diverse gathering provides experienced pole dancers the chance to connect with and learn from each other and gives newcomers to pole dancing the opportunity to be mentored and inspired. Whether you have been pole dancing for years or are just starting on your pole journey, PoleCon will provide invaluable learning experiences and best practices to help enhance your pole skills. With a range of workshops, seminars, and performances, there’s no doubt that PoleCon has something for every pole dancer – so join us this year in celebrating pole dancing!


Grow your skills:

Learn new techniques and tricks to expand your repertoire from seminars, workshops, and certification programs hosted by experienced professionals. It is a great opportunity for pole dancers to learn new techniques, improve their skills, and gain inspiration from other dancers. 

Vendors and shopping:

PoleCon often features vendors selling pole dance related merchandise and equipment, including clothing, shoes, and pole dance gear. This can be a great opportunity for pole dancers to purchase new gear or learn about new products. 


Attending PoleCon can be a great way to gain inspiration and motivation for pole dancing. The event can expose pole dancers to new techniques, styles, and ideas, which can help them to grow as dancers.

Networking and socializing:

PoleCon can be a great opportunity for pole dancers to connect with other pole dancers and professionals in the industry from all around the world. Many attendees find that networking with other pole dancers can be beneficial for building connections, getting advice, and finding new opportunities. 

The most fun pole dancing event:

PoleCon is an unforgettable pole dance experience! Get electrified with pole dance entertainment from pole masters from around the world, showcasing pole-spinning skills like never before. Challenge yourself with fun pole dance games and experience cutting-edge pole performances. Try something new and meet pole dance enthusiasts with whom you can share your adventures. With so many activities going on, it’s always a party at PoleCon – come join us and see for yourself why it’s such a fun event to attend!

PoleCon 2023 & 123poling collaboration.

We have been huge supporters of PoleCon and this year, together with PoleCon we are bringing you even more value. We are excited to announce that 123poling.com and PoleCon will be collaborating in 2023! As a special promotion, when you purchase a 2023 PoleCon weekend pass, you will receive 1-month of free access to 123poling.com. This means that you will have access to even more resources and learning opportunities, both in-person at PoleCon and online with 123poling.com with hundreds of pole sport & exotic tutorial library & courses at your finger tips!

The International Pole Convention is a must-attend event to experience pole dance performances and shows from pole dancing experts. Taking place over four days, this one of a kind convention has pole dance workshops and competitions that bring pole dancers from all around the world together. Whether you are an experienced pole dancer or looking to learn more about pole dancing, there is something for everyone at the International Pole Convention. It’s an unforgettable opportunity to watch pole dance professionals and even take part in the workshops and competitions! So, join us at PoleCon 2023 for an unforgettable experience! Be inspired and show off your pole dance moves with other enthusiasts from around the globe. With workshops, performances, and free seminars – all levels welcome – this is a must-attend event!