Liquid Motion 1.0 Course by Jeni Janover

Liquid Motion 1.0 is an innovative and transformative approach to pole dancing that focuses on achieving fluidity and seamless movement quality. This course isn’t just about learning a set of pole moves, basework & floorwork. It’s a comprehensive method that enhances your ability to move with elegance and fluidity around the pole, at its base, and on the floor. With the Liquid Motion 1.0 Course by Jeni Janover you gain more than just dance skills; you develop a higher level of self-esteem, deeper self-awareness, and a stronger, more graceful body. 

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Who Is Liquid Motion 1.0 Course For?

  • All Levels & Experiences: Whether you’re a beginner pole dancer or a pro, this course has valuable insights for everyone.
  • Dancers Seeking Fluidity: Ideal for pole dancers who feel lost without the pole and those who wish to enhance their movement quality.
  • Elevate Your Dance: Perfect for those looking to add elegance and fluid pole transitions to their routines.

What Will I Learn?

  • Liquid Motion Fundamentals: Understand and master the basics of this unique movement style.
  • Principles of Fluid Movement: Learn the key concepts that make movements flow seamlessly.
  • Liquid Pole Work: Techniques for fluid movements specific to pole dancing.
  • Liquid BaseWork & FloorWork: Explore graceful movements at the base of the pole and on the floor.
  • 12 Sequences: Practice and perfect 12 different sequences to enhance your pole routines.
  • Signature Moves: Learn unique moves that define the Liquid Motion style.
  • Pole Transition Techniques: Master pole transitions from standing to the floor and vice versa.

Benefits of the Course

  • Enhanced Movement Quality: Achieve a higher level of fluidity in your pole dancing.
  • Seamless Pole Transitions: Smoothly transition around the pole, at its base, and on the floor.
  • Creative Routine Ideas: Discover new movements and sequences for your pole routines.
  • FloorWork Skills: Learn what to do on the floor when you’re not on the pole.
  • Progression in Skills: Move from beginner pole dancer to advanced liquid motion techniques.

Liquid Motion 1.0 Course Structure

Each lesson in Liquid Motion 1.0 is packed with valuable content:

  • Step-by-Step Technique Breakdown: Learn Liquid Motion exclusive techniques and fundamentals like pivoting, initiation, and contact points.
  • Tips for Fluidity: Expert advice on how to make each movement flow seamlessly.
  • Move Pairings: Suggestions on what moves pair well together for cohesive pole routines.
  • Additional Tips: Loads of extra advice to refine your pole skills.
  • Multiple Viewing Angles: Understand each move clearly with views from different angles, including a bird’s eye view.

The Liquid Motion 1.0 Course is more than just a dance class; it’s a journey into the art of fluid, expressive movement. Whether you’re enhancing your current pole skills or starting fresh, this course offers an exciting opportunity to transform how you move and express yourself through pole dancing. Dive into this course and watch as your movements become more liquid, your confidence soars, and your pole routines take on a new, mesmerizing quality.

If you are interested in Liquid Motion certification, please visit their website to learn more. 

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