Liquid Motion 2.0

Liquid Motion 2.0 takes the foundational skills from Liquid Motion 1.0 and elevates them to a new level, focusing on heel work in pole dancing. This advanced course is tailored for those who have completed Liquid Motion Course 1.0 and are ready to add the dynamic and challenging element of dancing in heels. To fully benefit from this course, wearing heels is recommended, as it enhances the learning experience and the effectiveness of the techniques taught.

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Who Is This Course For?

  • Intermediate & Advanced Dancers: Specifically designed for those who have a solid foundation in pole dancing and wish to explore the complexities of dancing in heels.
  • Liquid Motion Enthusiasts: Ideal for dancers who have mastered the basics in Liquid Motion 1.0 and are looking to challenge themselves further.

What Will I Learn?

  • Liquid Motion In Heels: Learn how to incorporate heels into your fluid movements seamlessly.
  • Principles of Fluid Movement: Deepen your understanding of the key concepts that make your movements flow effortlessly.
  • Signature Walk: Master a unique walk that embodies the elegance and confidence of dancing in heels.
  • Liquid Pole Work: Explore advanced techniques in pole work while wearing heels.
  • Liquid Base Work & Floor Work: Continue to develop graceful movements at the base of the pole and on the floor, with the added complexity of heels.
  • 2 Full Sequences: Learn and perfect two comprehensive sequences that showcase your new skills in heel work.

Benefits of the Course

  • Enhanced Movement Quality: Attain a higher level of fluidity and grace, especially while dancing in heels.
  • Smooth Transitions: Master transitions that look effortless and elegant, complementing your heel work.
  • Proficiency in Liquid Motion in Heels: Become adept at incorporating heels into your Liquid Motion style, adding a new dimension to your performances.

Course Structure

Each lesson in Liquid Motion 2.0 is meticulously designed to build upon your existing skills:

  • Liquid Motion Techniques: Advanced techniques that are specific to dancing in heels, enhancing your overall pole performance.
  • Exclusive Tips: Insider advice and strategies for mastering heel work.
  • Preparations: Exercises and preps to ensure you’re ready to dance safely and effectively in heels.
  • Fluidity in Movement: Guidance on how to maintain liquid, smooth movements even with the added challenge of heels.

Liquid Motion 2.0 is more than just a continuation of your pole dancing education; it’s a journey into a more sophisticated and intricate style of movement. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have improved your fluidity and grace but also mastered the art of dancing in heels, setting you apart in the world of pole dancing. Strap on your heels, and get ready to transform your pole dancing with Liquid Motion 2.0!

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