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About Me

I was born in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. At the age of 5 I began training in gymnastics and then in dance just a few short years after while continuing my tumbling training. I trained and competed Nationally as well as assisting the world-renownded choreographers and teachers of Tremaine Dance Convention.
Then I spent six years in New York City. Four of them obtaining my BFA in Fashion Design with a specialization in Intimate Apparel at the Fashion Institute of Technology, one year designing for Victoria’s Secret, and my final year dancing professionally and commercially. It was here in NYC where I founded Circus Arts and Pole at Body & Pole. During my time at FIT, I trained as an Aerialist and Acrobat focusing on Aerial Fabric, Net/ Hammock, Straps, Contortion and Stretching techniques, and Hand-Balancing. This is also where my love for Pole Dancing began. I loved the idea of being able to perform in the air but also expected to dance on the ground; melding all of my talents into one art form.
In 2011, I moved to LA to join with Diavolo Dance Theater: Architecture in Motion, a nationally and internationally touring, acrobatic dance company. For three years I traveled with the company as well as co-creating new repertoire works with the other company members under Artistic Director, Jacques Heim. It was in these years where I really grew as an artist. The company’s works were based mostly with the human element in mind and the human experience at play. Diavolo pulled inspiration from reality with emphasis on experiences, gestures, and everyday movement seen day to day. Here is where I discovered my niche, as it pertained to Pole: The Human Experience…
Today, I teach at the famous BeSpun in Los Angeles as well as Cirque School LA in Hollywood, California. I uses all of my experiences and training in my teachings as well in my performances. My love for teaching and sharing knowledge as well as my drive constant growth and evolution keeps me motivated.
I am looking forward to what the future will hold and cannot wait to travel the world sharing my skills with others as well as being able to learn from the limitless number of talented artists across the Globe.

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