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About Me

I’m a pole dance artist and movement instructor.
Many years ago I made the leap to leave her Engineering career for a life of dance and teaching. Currently, I teach pole dance, Liquid Motion, flexibility, and CoreAerial at the world-renowned Body & Pole in New York City. As a Liquid Motion Master Trainer, I lead certifications and workshops on the Liquid Motion method of movement which is a stylized form of dance providing tools to understand the body’s natural movement. Also as passionate performer, you can regularly see me in Schtick a Pole In It, national pole dance competitions, conventions & more. In addition to my live work, I loves to create pole dance music videos and tutorials. My goal is to share my experiences and knowledge to help my students develop power and confidence in their movement.
I discovered pole dancing at a Montreal strip club during my spring break in college. I was a lofty 18-year-old looking for a good time, only to realize later that I witnessed a style of dance that would greatly influence my life. Instantly drawn to the dancers’ strength and eroticism, I desired to exude the same qualities as the dancers confidently displayed.
In 2007, I purchased her own pole and set it up in my bedroom. I began learning from watching YouTube videos and pole fitness DVDs. Every practice would leave me exhilarated. When I strapped on my heels and danced around the pole, I felt this different part of me come alive. Pure enjoyment came from taking flight during spins and undulating my hips and spine to the music. Every time I danced, drastic changes were made in the way I felt. I set out to master this style of dance and also share it with others so they too could feel empowered in their own bodies. In 2009, I enrolled in pole classes at Body & Pole. It was like stepping into the big leagues. At the studio, I witnessed a new level of athleticism and dance technique which motivated me to take my training to the next level. I began taking classes weekly, then enrolled in an unlimited membership. I began teaching pole dance on Long Island in 2011. In 2013, I entered into Body & Pole work-study program where after only four months I was hired as a resident pole dance instructor!
Teaching and movement have been my life ever since.

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