Superman Pole Move

If you’re on a quest to master the Superman pole move or looking to take your pole dancing skills to the next level, you’re in for a thrilling ride! This comprehensive guide is not just an introduction; it’s your gateway to pole dance excellence. Packed with valuable insights and expert tips, it promises to be your trusted guide on this exciting journey. Plus, as an extra treat, there’s a free pole lesson by Sammy Picone, a renowned pole instructor, that will help you soar to new heights. Whether you’re an experienced pole dancer or just starting, this free pole resource is here to empower your growth, enhance your pole skills, and unleash your inner pole dancing superstar. So, read on and get ready to conquer the exciting world of the Superman pole move. Your adventure begins now!

What is Superman Pole Move?

The Superman pole move, an iconic intermediate pole trick, is a sought-after goal for many pole dancers. This impressive feat is often known as the “Superwoman” in the female-dominated world of pole dancing. In this position, the dancer extends their body away from the pole, creating an illusion that mirrors the iconic flying pose of Superman, the superhero. The performer typically arches their back, legs are together & extended back, and reaches one arm forward, while the other arm is holding the pole behind, resembling the soaring posture of the Man of Steel in flight. The Superwoman or Superman pole move stands for the power, grace, and strength. It characterizes both the art of pole dancing and the famous superhero, making it a symbol of empowerment and artistry.

The Superman: A Fundamental Intermediate Pole Move

In the exciting world of pole dancing, the Superman pole move stands as a classic intermediate trick with a special place in every dancer’s heart. However, it’s not just a pole pose; it’s a pivotal stepping stone in your pole dance journey. Most important, this pole trick serves as a must learn tool to access a tons of impressive pole moves & combos. With Superman, you’re not limited to just a single trick. Instead, you hold a gateway to a world of impressive pole tricks. Without doubt, it is being used as a base for many other pole poses from intermediate levels to advanced and even expert pole tricks.

This diverse move is a turning point for those who aspire to reach new heights in their pole dancing adventures. 
As you conquer the Superman, you pave the way to mastering moves such as Swan, Anastasia, Dove, Superpain, Sea Star, and Ashley, all of which involve the Superman entry. Our step-by-step pole lessons will be your guide on this thrilling journey. So why wait? Start your 15-day free access today! Step into the exciting world of pole dance artistry, where the Superman is your gateway to mastering the extraordinary.

How to Get into the Superman Pole Move

The Superman pole move offers so many of entry variations. As a matter of fact, there are as many as 30 different methods to choose from. All in all, the entry you select largely depends on the difficulty level you’re comfortable with. While some entries demand advanced skills, there are easier ways to get into Superman pole move.

Meanwhile, for intermediate dancers, there are three most common ways get into the Superman pole move: from regular climb, from sideways climb, and from an invert. These entries are more accessible and achievable for pole dancers who just starting to conquer the Superman pole move.

Free Superman Pole Lesson by Sammy Picone

We bet you can’t wait to get on the pole and get started on the Superman pole move. Hold your horses because we have a special gift for you – a free Superman Pole Lesson by the talented pole instructor Sammy Picone. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll unlock the secrets to how to do Superman pole move, a classic favorite among pole dancers. Furthermore, Sammy’s knowledge and clear instructions will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to conquer this iconic intermediate pole trick.



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Superman Pole Trick Requirements

As you can see from the free pole lesson above, the requirements for the Superman pole trick can vary significantly based on your chosen entry method. If you decide to practice this move from the floor, it can even be considered a beginner pole move. However, if your goal is to master this intermediate pole trick with all the entry alternatives, as showed you in the Superman pole lesson above, here are the specific prerequisites and guidelines to help you achieve it.

1. Fundamental Beginner Pole Moves

Mastering fundamental beginner pole moves like Side V-Open, Jasmine, or the Tabletop is not just a crucial step but a gateway to entering the Superman pole trick. These moves serve as the easiest entry options and are usually how most intermediate pole dancers embark on their journey to mastering Superman. Meanwhile, the Tabletop position might pose as a challenge with pole dancers with bigger thighs. However, try all 3 transitions and let us know which one works best for you. 

2. Aerial Pole Practice Requirements

If you plan to practice the Superman trick aerially, you must also acquire one of the following skills:

1. Regular Climb to Outside

Firstly, learning how to shift from a regular climb to an outside leg hook position is a must. This skill, in turn, sets the stage for a seamless execution of the Superman move.

2. Sideways Climb into Jasmine

A sideways climb into the Jasmine position is another effective entry into the Superman trick.

3. Invert to Outside Leg Hook

Lastly, to perform this entry option, you must have the ability to easily invert into an outside leg hook position. From there, you’ll get into either the Jasmine or Side V-Open pose, setting the stage for a smooth entry into the Superman pole trick.

Differences Between Side V-Open and Jasmine Entries

1. Aesthetics and Transitions

When comparing the Side V-Open and Jasmine AKA Shooting Star entries to the Superman pole trick, aesthetics and transitions play a crucial role. The Side V-Open entry offers a smoother and cleaner movement. In this method, your legs are already in a pin-straight manner. All you need to do is to simply bring them together while turning your hips towards the floor. On the other hand, in the Jasmine pose your top leg is bent at the knee. So, to achieve the classic pole Superman pose, you would need to bring your knees together first, and then straighten your leg. Alternatively, you can opt to keep your leg bent as a variation.

2. Bent Leg Assisted Entry

For individuals who are just beginning to learn the Superman pole move, it might be easier to rotate the hips if the leg is initially kept bent, hence using the Jasmine entry. We’ll explore this concept further and talk about the challenges related to the Superman position. Moreover, we will offer tips on how to master this assisted entry version easier.

Entry from Side V-Open

Superman Side V-open entry

Entry from Jasmine

Superman entry from jasmine

Superman Entry With Leg Threading Nicole ThePole

While the Superman entry is usually done using well known techniques, there’s another less common and tricky approach that stands as a unique gem. This entry, taught by our expert instructor and pole celebrity Nicole ThePole, starts from a Cradle position. This path to Superman presents an extra layer of challenge for two specific reasons. 

Firstly, the aerial cradle position requires a lot of core engagement to lift both legs up and to the side of the pole while leaning your torso away from the pole. 

Secondly, the threading of the leg presents its own set of challenges, which some pole dancers might find tricky to pull the leg through. 

Occasionally, pole students may find this particular entry hard, as it combination between various factors, including body proportions. It’s important to remember that individual body traits, such as arm length and leg size, can influence the success rate of this entry, making it easy for some and hard for others.

Pole Superman Exits

Compared to numerous entry options for the pole Superman, you’ll discover a many of ways to exit this pole move.The most common exit is to pull up, just as Sammy Picone expertly taught you in her pole lesson above. However, it’s important to note that this exit method demands a bit of shoulder flexibility and strength. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add shoulder opening exercises into your warm-up routine before starting your pole training session.

But that’s not the end of the story! We’ll look into other Pole Superman Exits in exciting pole combos, adding a new elements to your pole dance training. So, keep reading as we explore these different exit alternatives that will elevate your pole dancing skills.

Here are some fun Superman Exit Ideas

Tips for Skin Conditioning for Pole Superman

Practicing the Superman pole move presents a set of challenges, one of which is the intense skin-pinching sensation. In this pose, the skin on your inner thighs gets pulled from the front to the back, and it’s also the primary gripping point. The force of gravity adds to the tension, making the experience quite different for each individual, depending on their skin sensitivity and pain tolerance. While some pole students find the pain severe, others may feel it much less, but in all cases, you’ll likely notice some redness on your inner thigh skin. Here are some tips to make your Superman practice more achievable:

1. Take It Easy and Condition Gradually

Don’t push yourself too hard initially. Give your skin some time to adapt and slowly build tolerance. If the pain is too much, a few attempts are enough. For this reason, consider saving your Superman practice for your next pole class.

2. Pole Plank for Thigh Conditioning

To prepare for the Superman pole trick, it’s crucial to develop skin tolerance. To start with, you can practice from the floor. Not only does pole plank mimic the leg position of Superman, but it also allows you to experience the intensity of the pole burn.

3. Pole Plank Leg Rotations

As a more advanced level of thigh conditioning, add small rotations to your pole plank. This slight twisting motion will introduce extra tiny pinches to your inner thighs, further prime your skin.

These tips will help you build the strength and deal with pole burns in order to conquer the Superman pole move.

Challenges in Achieving the Superman Pole Move

While working on the Superman pole move, some pole dancers come across challenges in getting into the correct position. This can be especially hard when trying to enter from the Jasmine or Side V poses. The key issue is the position of the hips. In Jasmine or Side V poses, the hips are to the side of the pole. In Superman, on the other hand, the hips need to be squared toward the floor. Here are two common mistakes and their solutions:

1. Improper Thigh Rest Position

The first key point is the thigh rest position. If the pole is not placed high enough on top of your thigh, it becomes harder to rotate the hips down. To solve this, revisit and refine your Jasmine or Side V positions. Make sure the pole pressed into the top of your thigh, not the middle. For that reason, learn the proper techniques of the Thigh Rest position will help you achieve the desired result.

2. Hip Rotation Mechanics

In another case, understanding the mechanics of hip rotation can be difficult. In such cases, using the Jasmine position entry can be incredibly useful. With your top leg bent and hooked on the pole, simply unhook your leg and point your knee toward the floor. Your hips will naturally follow this direction. Additionally, try turning your head in the direction where you want to “fly” and open up your chest for better control and balance.

knee assistance

3. No Base for Support

Another common challenge comes from poor technique in the thigh rest position is the absence of a stable base. When your bottom leg is not properly piked towards your chest, you lose the foundation to press your thigh firmly against the pole. As a result, you can not roll over your thigh. In other words, you will not have the Thigh Press that is required for this move. Establishing a stable base on the top of your thigh is crucial for the Superman pole move. Therefore, it’s important to refine this aspect of your technique and work on your Thigh Press.

4. Low Hand Placement

When your top hand is placed too close to your hips, it poses a significant challenge. Not only limits your range of motion but also makes it more difficult to transition into the move. To perform this move with ease, it’s crucial to ensure that your top hand is at your comfortable level, away for your hips. This way, you will be able to smoothly get into this pole trick.

5. No Hip Drop

Sustaining the Superman pole pose can be hard, particularly for some pole students who manage to get into the position but then struggle to maintain it. The challenge arises when the hips are not lowered, making it very difficult to hold the pose. In the Superman move, your main points of contact are your inner thighs and your top hand, both of which are located at the center of your body. Visualize this as a scale with your legs significantly lighter than your torso, causing you to tip forward. To create equilibrium in the “Superman scale,” you need to drop your hips. As a result, your torso is being pulled up, which allows you to maintain the pose much easier.

Superman cup grip variation

Superman Grip Variations

Keep in mind, when it comes to learning the Superman pole move, you have a choice for your top hand grip. You have two primary pole grip options for your top hand: the regular grip and the cup grip. Furthermore, depending on your chosen entry method, it can be helpful to learn both of these grips. This option of being able to change the grip allows to adapt to various entry positions, making your overall pole dancing skills better.

Unlocking the World of Pole Superman Variations

In the world of pole dancing, Superman isn’t just one position; instead, it comes with some variations that challenge and inspire. Among these alternatives are the Inverted Superman aka Bottom Plank and Side Superman aka Flying Witch.While they look like the regular Superman position, they’re recognized and celebrated in the pole community as Superman variations. So, whether you’re trying the inverted or side versions or looking to explore further, the world of pole Superman variations has lots of options. This opens up a world of artistic options and makes your pole dancing experience even more exciting.

Superman Spin: A Surprising Twist to the Classic Move

Prepare to be amazed, as the Superman pole move isn’t limited to being a static pose. You can also do it as a spin on both a static and a spinning pole. The Superman spin serves as an excellent trick for low-flow sequences and transitions to the floor.

However, if you choose to perform the Superman spin on a static pole, there’s a key factor to keep in mind. Avoid overly squeezing the pole with your thighs, as this could limit the rotation. Instead, aim for a gentle grip, which will allow the pole to move freely so you enjoy the maximum spin effect.

Superman Spin

Unleashing the Power of Pole Combos with the Superman

The Superman pole move, known for its remarkable versatility, assumes a central role when it comes to pole dance combos. While mastering this fundamental pole trick, you’ll quickly discover that the possibilities are endless. As a result, your pole journey will change significantly. It will give you the freedom explore an array of ways to enter and exit. That’s what makes pole dancing so exciting. 

You can find pole combos on our website that use Superman as a key part. Furthermore, each combo mixes pole skill, grace, and strength. Additionally, our detailed pole lessons will help you master these combos and discover Superman’s endless potential. So, why wait? Start now and take your pole dancing to new heights.

Embrace the Artistry of Superman and Beyond

While going through this massive guide on pole Superman, we trust that you’ve learned a wealth of core principals & valuable tips. Additionally, we are here to help you enhance your pole dance adventure. We’ve developed this free pole resource to empower your growth as a pole dancer.Now, you’ve got it all. You understand the basics, variations, the exit options, and even how to combine them.

Whether you’re just starting out with the classic Superman or looking to advance your skills and explore new horizons, remember that pole dance is an ever-evolving art. It’s a journey that allows you to express your creativity, strength, and grace. With this intention, as you practice and progress, embrace the artistry of pole dance, and keep reaching for new heights.

Let 123poling Be Your Guide

Embrace the wealth of knowledge provided, including extremely helpful tips, comprehensive guidance, a free Superman pole lesson. Not to mention, inspiration from our expert pole instructors such as Sammy Picone and Nicole ThePole. As you embark on your pole dance journey, these free pole resources empower you to explore endless possibilities. Additionally, with your passion and artistic drive as your guiding force, allow the Superman pole move to be your milestone. It will lead you to new heights in the world of pole dance. So, pole dancers, continue to elevate your skills, explore your creativity, and revel in the sheer joy of dance. The journey has just begun.



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