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By default, Anastasia’s courses do not include support, feedback, or certificates. However, she offers two upgrade options: Certificate Only or Support with Certificate. You will find the upgrade instructions in your course after the purchase.

Support + Certificate

With this option, you get constant support and adjustments from Anastasia during your education, plus a Certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit a video for each lesson and an exam at the end.
  2. Anastasia will review your videos, provide feedback on any mistakes, and suggest necessary corrections.
  3. Resubmit your corrected videos for final review.
  4. Advance through each lesson until you successfully complete the final exam.
  5. Receive your Certificate after passing the final exam.


See a sample Sokolova course certificate below.

Sample Sokolova course certificate with support

Certificate Only

With this option, you will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Progress through the course on your own.
  2. Upload a video of your final exam.
  3. Anastasia will review your exam video, provide feedback on any mistakes, and suggest corrections.
  4. Submit a new video with corrections for review.
  5. Receive your Certificate after your exam video is approved.


See a sample certificate below.

Anastasia beginner course Certificate sample


Sokolova Pole Dance School was created to provide safe and comprehensive pole dancing instructions to all levels of pole dancing. You will be able to find many classic pole dance tricks and combinations, and the most exciting – all the signature tricks created by Anastasia Sokolova. 123poling platform is hosting and distribution all her courses however, all the content was produced by Anastasia. 

With our lessons, you can learn and master a unique and spectacular pole dance style of Anastasia.

Each lesson consists of the presentation of a certain trick (or move), an explanation and instruction on how to perform it safely and correctly, and then practicing it with a student.

Anastasia has decided to present her lessons in this particular way, because this technique will allow you to understand each trick from inside out, and you will also be able to see it from the coach’s point of view as well, in case you would like to become a coach in the future.

Anastasia has a successful history of building and providing a knowledge base for students, teachers, and studio owners. Her passion is helping pole dancers of all levels with developing and improving of their pole dancing skills, and generating new creative ideas and inspirations for pole competitors all over the world.

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