How To Give The Perfect Lap dance

Are you curious about how to give the perfect lap dance? And not just your typical lap dance? Do you want to drive him/her wild with anticipation and leave him/her begging for more? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the perfect lap dance. So get ready to tease and tantalize your partner. Trust us, they won’t be able to keep their hands off of you!

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What is a lap dance?

A lap dance/lap dancing is a type of erotic dance performance offered in strip clubs in which the exotic dancer typically gyrates on the customer’s lap to music. Lap dances are typically performed in dimly-lit rooms on couches or chairs, and they can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. During a lap dance, customers are typically allowed to touch the exotic dancer in a limited capacity.

The History of the Lap Dance

The origins of the lap dance can be traced back to the early 20th century and the burlesque shows that were popular at that time. In these shows, scantily-clad women would perform sensual dances for an audience of men (and sometimes women). While there was often no nudity or sexual contact involved, these dances were still considered to be quite risqué.

As time went on, lap dancing began to evolve into something more erotic and sexual in nature. By the 1970s, topless bars and gentlemen’s clubs were becoming increasingly popular, and lap dancing was becoming one of the main attractions at these venues. Here, women would dance partially or fully nude for paying customers. Often, there would be some physical contact between the dancer and patron, such as touching or kissing.

Today, lap dancing is still a popular form of adult entertainment, although it is now more commonly performed in private homes or hotel rooms rather than in public establishments. It is often seen as a more intimate and personal way to enjoy erotic dancing, as it allows for close physical contact between the dancers and their partners. Thanks to its rich history, the lap dance is sure to remain a popular form of adult entertainment for many years to come!



Setting the mood is very important when giving a lap dance. If at home be sure to have a clean environment, trying to be sexy in a messy space just won’t cut it. Keep in mind, this is not only about the “lap dance” it’s about the entire package, creating that special moment that feels different. You can also light some candles or incense to create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Ok! The space is clean and fresh, Check! Now let’s turn our attention to the star of the show, you. First thing first, take yourself a nice hot shower or bath to relax and clear your mind from your typical day-to-day routine, and really start mentally preparing for the lap dance to come.

Moisturize your body from head to toe. spray yourself with his favorite perfume, but not too much. Fragrant body oils or creams work just as well.


woman lap dancing at home

Step 2: Dress the Part

It’s time to dress the part. Your outfit should be something that makes you feel sexy and confident. Remember the best lap dance is a confident lap dance. You can even go the role-playing route if you choose to. Maybe a sexy nurse or naughty maid for example. Sex stores are a great place to find these outfits and everything you need comes in one package.

If you’re not sure what to wear, try a tight dress or skirt with some tantalizing lingerie underneath. Remember, the aim is to tease and seduce your partner, be sure that whatever you choose to wear you can get in and out of it very easily.

Lace attire is for the most part the way to go, which means lace bra, lace underwear, and thigh-high stockings with lace trim. Heck, you can even choose a lace all-in-one body suit. The crotchless ones are a must! keep in mind to wear your underwear on the outside of the body suit.

When it comes to footwear high heels are great! high heels work well because it gives you additional height, give you an empowering posture, elongates the legs, and, can be used in your performance!

You are looking and smelling insatiable. If the situation fits and your partner is not around why not send him/her a teaser pic or video before starting the show? That’s sure to get them excited and set the stage.


lap dance in white lace

Step 3: Showtime!

Nothing else matters now. This means getting rid of any distractions, especially cell phones and TV. You have to be present and in the moment. Start by putting on some sexy songs. We will get into the different types of music later in this article, but for now, we are going the slow and sexy route.

Have your partner seated. Now, the type of seating makes a difference as well. Here are a few things to know.


lap dancing in office

Couch: A couch can be the most comfortable for your partner, but it can be limited to your performance. Couches are usually big and bulky and most of the time against the wall so you can’t walk around from behind, and depending on how big the couch is the sides may not be an accessible option as well. But if that’s all you have to work with, the show must go on!

Roller Desk Chairs: Roller chairs are a no-no, here’s why. The moment you lean on your partner the chair starts rolling all over the place which is not safe, not the mention these chairs are not made for two people to sit in them. AVOID desk chairs/office chairs with wheels.

Standard Chair: Standard chairs are your best option, they are small enough to place in an open space, can be picked up and moved easily, supports the weight of two people, and allows you to maneuver like a snake from all angles around your partner.

man kissing woman's leg
girl whispering in mans ear

When you’re ready to start, take your time. Go slow. A great lap dance always starts with a great striptease. Remember slow movements are the key. Slowly removing one article of clothing at a time, a powerful technique is to never break eye contact when in front of your partner. You can walk around your partner and nibble on his/her ear and kiss along the neck.

It is a really good idea to strip your partner down as well. This serves for 2 main reasons.

  1. Undressing your partner is really sexy.

  2. While lap dancing on your partner skin-to-skin contact is way better than skin-to-clothing. Trust me this makes a huge difference.

Slowly bend over touching your toes, don’t forget to look at your partner as you lower yourself onto your partner’s lap we stress the word slowly and let them get a good look at what you’re working with. While seated in your partner’s lap, back towards him, you can lean back on your partner’s chest and allow him/her to reach around and cup your breasts while rolling your ass on your partner’s crotch. Now lean forward and place your palms on your partner’s knees. Placing your hands on your partner’s knees will allow you to get up in a standing position without pressing into your partner’s thigh muscles which can be uncomfortable. Gently run your hands over your partner’s chest and down their sides before locking eyes with them and giving them a sultry smile.

Step 4: Find Their Sweet Spot

Now it’s time to get things moving! Now facing your partner in a standing position place one knee between your partner’s crotch lean over and kiss your partner’s neck and run your hands through their hair. Use the upper part of your knee to slowly grind against your partner’s crotch. Once you’ve found a rhythm that feels good, experiment with different motions and speeds until you find what really gets them going. Use your entire body against theirs. At this point this is not just a good lap dance, this is a great lap dance! Rub your breasts in your partner’s face and between your cleavage. This is the exotic dancer special! Just remember to keep eye contact throughout and naughty whispers would add an additional layer of excitement as well.

Step 5: Finish Strong!

When you’re finishing your lap dance, increase the intensity of your movements until you both reach your peak of heightened sensitivity. At this point, “who let the dogs out!” you don’t need instructions on where this is going next. You have successfully completed your lap dance, a great lap dance!



Watch this video for some insider lap dance tips, tricks, and secrets that will help make your lap dance that much hotter🔥

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Music Is Everything When Giving A Lap Dance

When it comes to strip tease, and lap dances the music choice is everything. The right song can set the tone for the entire performance, and help the stripper to get into the right frame of mind. It can also create a more sensual and erotic atmosphere, which is often key to a successful strip tease. Of course, there is no single “right” song for every stripper or every situation. But there are some general guidelines that can help you choose the perfect music for your next strip tease.

First, consider what kind of energy you want to bring to the performance. Do you want to be playful and fun? Or sensual and seductive? The energy of the music should match the energy you want to project. Second, think about the tempo of the music. A slow and sensual song will create a very different vibe than a fast and energetic one. Again, there is no right or wrong here – it all depends on the kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. Third, pay attention to the lyrics of the song. They should be empowering and body-positive, without being too explicit. And finally, make sure you feel confident and comfortable dancing to the music. After all, if you’re not enjoying yourself, your audience won’t either.

So next time you’re planning a strip tease, take some time to choose the perfect music. It could make all the difference in your performance.

Our Personal Lap Dance Playlist Below, Let It Ride!


Giving a great lap dance is all about confidence, sexiness, and most of all, having fun! By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to give your partner a lap dance that they’ll never forget. So go put on some music, break out the candles, and let yourself go!

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