Firefighter Spin

Also called Fireman is a basic beginner pole spin. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to properly perform it on a static & spinning pole, the most common mistakes, preps, correct engagement, and tips.
Supermen is an intermediate pole dance trick that a lot of pole dancers are struggling with. In this pole lesson you will learn how to condition your inner things, 2 ways of getting into this pole move, how to correctly spot someone trying to learn pole Superman.
This pole split is an advanced pole trick. While it looks impressive it has 3 points of contact and utilizes a lot of skin grip. Even if you do not have a split, you can still learn this pole move.
Spatchcock is one of the most impressive expert pole moves. It requires lots of flexibility and pole experience. This pole dance tutorial includes flexibility requirements, step-by-step instructions for static & spinning pole, the most common mistakes & how to fix them, and spotting techniques.
Basic Dip Turn is a part of the Liquid Motion 1.0 course but it is also an essential move for any pole dance style. This pole dance tutorial is packed with tips, exclusive instructions on how to make it Liquid, and most common mistakes.
This example of exotic pole dancing utilizes an actual pole trick. If you can't get into the Inside Leg Hook with a split grip, you can follow another tutorial Pole Sit to Inside Leg.