Beginner Fundamentals Course

Starting your journey in pole dancing? The Beginner Fundamentals Course at 123Poling is the ideal starting point. Imagine building a house; before the walls and roof, you need a solid foundation. Similarly, in pole dancing, mastering the pole basics is your key first step. This course is where you begin to build strength, learn essential beginner pole moves, and ensure your safety, all while enjoying the process.

Firstly, we’ll explore what this Course includes, highlighting its importance for beginner pole dancers. Then, we’ll understand why these pole basics are crucial for your pole dancing journey. Finally, we’ll discover how Beginner Fundamentals Course stands out as the best way to embark on your exciting pole dance adventure. Let’s get started on this path to mastering the art of pole dancing!

Once you start your free trial or the lifetime access you will be able to select beginner category from our course library and access all beginner pole fitness lessons from this course. You can sort it by A to Z to start from lesson one. You will be able to open each lesson to view the curriculum & and enroll into each lesson. Once you finish watching each video it will be automatically marked as complete or your can mark it manually. 

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Embarking on your pole dancing journey can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. But fear not! The Beginner Fundamentals Course is here to guide you every step of the way. This course is a treasure trove of knowledge, packed with over 15 hours of instructional videos, meticulously designed to cater to both absolute beginner pole dancers and those looking to refine their basics.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Absolute Beginners: If you’ve never touched a pole before, this course is the perfect starting point.
  • Beginner & Intermediate Dancers: Even if you have some experience, revisiting the fundamentals can strengthen your foundation.
  • Guidance Seekers: For those who want a structured approach to learning, this curriculum offers clear, progressive instruction.

What You Will Learn

24 Basic Pole Spins

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of pole spins with our comprehensive beginner course. You’ll learn 24 fundamental & fun beginner pole spins that are not only beautiful but also pivotal in building your pole dancing repertoire. 

Beginner Pole Spins your will master: 

1. Fallen Knee Hook Spin
2. Horizontal Flag Spin
3. Flame Combo
4. Kiwi Sit Spin
5. Reverse Sunwheel Spin
6. Carousel Spin Regular Grip
7. Figure 4 Spin
8. Chair Spin Regular Grip
9. Devotion Spin
10. Mini Spiral Spin
11. Knee Hook Spin Legs in Front
12. Inside Leg Hook Spin
13. Front Hook Spin
14. Firefighter Spin
15. Extended Firefighter Spin
16. Knee Hook Spin With Leg Behind
17. Back Drop
18. Extended Carousel Spin
19. Leg Hook Spin
20. Extended Hair Drop Bow
21. Mini Spiral Spin (Revisited)
22. Sunwheel Spin
23. Reversed Split Grip Chair Spin
24. Chair Spin With Split Grip

extended firefighter spin

Each of these spins, from the elegant Devotion Spin to the dynamic Extended Carousel Spin, is carefully selected to enhance your agility and grace on the pole. The course is meticulously designed with a progressive structure, ensuring that your body is properly conditioned and prepared for each move. Safety and technique are our top priorities, so you’ll also learn essential preps and conditioning exercises that pave the way for a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

Whether you are a complete beginner pole dancer or looking to polish your existing skills, these 24 beginner pole spins will lay a solid foundation for your pole dancing journey, enabling you to perform with confidence and elegance.

Enroll in our Beginner Fundamentals Course today and start spinning your way to an enchanting pole performance!

3 Basic Pole Climbs

Master the essential skill of pole climbing with our Beginner Fundamentals Course, where we focus on three distinct types of climbs:

1. Competition Climb

This climb is not just about reaching the top; it’s about doing it with style and efficiency. The technique for the Competition Climb stands out due to its smoothness and elegance, which requires a bit more conditioning and practice compared to other climbs.

2. Sideways Climb

Add a twist to your climbing skills with the Sideways Climb. This unique approach offers a new perspective and challenge, enhancing your versatility on the pole.

3. Regular Climb

The foundation of pole climbing, the Regular Climb, is where it all begins. It’s crucial for building strength, confidence, and technique as you ascend the pole.

While the Regular Climb and the Competition Climb might appear similar, the techniques that make the Competition Climb stand out involve more nuanced movements and greater conditioning. But don’t worry, our course has got you covered with detailed instructions, tools, and tips for your pole climbing success.

We provide comprehensive guidance on how many repetitions you should do for each pole conditioning exercise and what the end results should look like. This way, you can track your progress and ensure you’re climbing not only effectively but also beautifully.

Our structured approach ensures that you’re well-prepared to tackle these climbs, regardless of your current skill level. With our pole beginner course, you’ll gain the strength, technique, and confidence to pole climb like a pro.

Join our Beginner Fundamentals Course today, and elevate your pole journey with essential climbing techniques!

20 Pole Transitions

Pole transitions are what elevate your routines from a series of moves to a fluid, expressive dance. Our Beginner Fundamentals Course delves into the art of pole transitions, offering you 21 different ways to seamlessly connect your movements, adding elegance and style to your pole fitness journey.

What You’ll Learn in Pole Transitions:

– Stand to Floor & Vice Versa

Master the essential transitions from standing to floor positions and back, crucial for a cohesive and smooth routine.
– Body Waves

Learn to incorporate body waves into your transitions. These fluid movements add a sensual and graceful element to your pole dancing, enhancing the overall dance quality.
– Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are not just beautiful but also an effective way to transition between moves. They add a softness and flow to your performance.
– Basework

Discover the art of basework in pole dancing. This section focuses on movements performed around the base of the pole, a vital aspect of transitions.
– Floorwork:

Floorwork is an integral part of pole transitions. It involves movements performed on the floor, adding depth and variety to your pole routines.

Here is an example of a pole lesson from the transition section that you will learn in this course.

Transitions in pole dancing are about more than just moving from one point to another; they’re about weaving true dance elements into your pole routines. This section of our course is designed to teach you not just the techniques but also the artistry behind making each transition a dance in itself.

By the end of this section, you’ll understand what truly makes pole fitness a dance form. You’ll be equipped not only with the skills to execute transitions but also with the knowledge to insert genuine dance movements into your pole dancing, transforming your performances into captivating expressions of art.

24 Beginner Pole Moves & Poses

Our Beginner Fundamentals Course is designed to introduce you to the beautiful world of pole dancing through a variety of pole moves and poses. With 24 beginner-friendly moves and pole poses, this section of the course is tailored to build your confidence, strength, and grace on the pole. 

Over 10 beginner pole fitness lessons your will learn:

1. Criss Cross Sit
2. Horizontal Scissors
3. Recliner or Lay Back
4. Side Bullet Sit
5. Frog
6. Pole Sit Pike
7. Diva Pose
8. Pose Sit
9. V-Open Wrist Sit
10. Plank Roll
11. Knee Hook Sit
12. Pole Sit Seesaw
13. Fan Kick
14. Plank with Top Hand
15. Crucifix
16. Tilted Pole Sit
17. Pole Sit Leg Rotation
18. Standing Arch
19. Unicorn Sit
20. Pin Up Sit
21. Forearm Pole Plank
22. Bullet Sit with Leg Hook
23. Front Hook Lock Entry from Sideways Climb
24. Shooting Star

beginner pole move fan kick

Each pole move and pose in this list has been carefully selected to introduce you to the fundamental aspects of pole dancing. You’ll start with simpler poses like the Pole Sit and Diva Pose, gradually progressing to more active engagement  pole moves like the Frog and Shooting Star. This structured approach ensures that you develop a comprehensive skill set while enjoying the journey of learning.

In addition to learning these pole poses, you’ll also gain insights into the correct techniques to execute them safely and effectively. The course includes detailed instructions and tips to help you perfect each move, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident as you practice.

Whether you’re looking to build a strong foundation in pole dancing or just want to explore this exciting form of fitness and expression, these 24 basic pole moves and poses are your stepping stones to a rewarding pole dancing journey.

14 Pole Combos

In the Pole Combos section of our Beginner Fundamentals Course, you’re set to embark on a journey that not only enhances your pole skills but also stitches them together into captivating routines. This section is meticulously curated to elevate your pole dancing from individual moves to flowing, rhythmic sequences.

What to Expect

10 Designed Pole Combos

We start with 10 carefully designed pole combos. These are structured to naturally flow together, allowing you to weave them into a cohesive and graceful pole routine by the end of the course.

Performance Technique Tips

For each pole combo, you’ll find specialized tips focused on enhancing your performance. This includes guidance on how to make each move look more polished and professional.

Optimal Angles and Transitions

Learn the art of presenting each move from its best angle. We provide detailed explanations on how to position yourself for maximum visual impact and how to transition smoothly from one move to the next, ensuring your routine is seamless.

4 Additional Combos

To further broaden your repertoire and challenge your newfound pole skills, we’ve included 4 extra pole combos. These are designed to push your boundaries and add more variety to your performances.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only learn individual beginner pole moves but also understand how to string them together into an elegant and impressive pole routine. With our course, you’ll gain the confidence to not just perform pole combos, but to do so with a smoothness and finesse that elevates your entire pole dancing experience.

Enroll in our Beginner Fundamentals Course today to start your journey towards mastering these 14 beginner pole combos and transform your pole routines into a fluid dance of artistry and skill.

Benefits of the Course

  • Build Strength: Enhance your overall physical strength, particularly in your wrists and forearms.
  • Injury Prevention: Learn techniques to minimize the risk of injuries.
  • Foundation for Inverts: Prepare for more advanced moves with a solid base.
  • Improve Lines & Extensions: Enhance the elegance and fluidity of your movements.
  • Master Pole Basics: Gain proficiency in fundamental spins, poses, and transitions.
  • Performance Techniques: Discover how to present your moves with the best angles and smooth transitions for a captivating performance.
  • Microbends Conditioning: A crucial addition, this aspect of the course will teach you exercises and techniques to prevent or eliminate microbends. This conditioning is key to achieving cleaner lines and more refined extensions, crucial for a polished look in pole dancing.

Course Structure: Each Lesson Includes

The Beginner Fundamentals Course is meticulously structured to offer a comprehensive and holistic learning experience. Each lesson is thoughtfully divided into 10 distinct sections, focusing on various aspects of pole dancing:

  1. Vocabulary: This segment introduces the essential pole dancing terminology, laying the foundation for effective learning and communication within the pole community.

  2. Warm-Up: Each lesson begins with a specifically designed warm-up routine, aiming to prepare your body for the day’s activities, enhance flexibility, and prevent injuries.

  3. Floor Conditioning: Focused on strengthening the core and wrists, along with leg exercises aimed at improving lines and extensions. This conditioning is crucial for enhancing grace and elegance in pole movements.

  4. Pole Conditioning: Dedicated to building strength and endurance specifically for pole dancing, this section helps in improving grip, upper body strength, and overall control on the pole.

  5. Beginner Pole Spins: A specialized section teaching the techniques and nuances of basic pole spins. This is key to adding dynamic movement and flair to your pole routines.

  6. Pole Transitions: This part focuses on smooth and seamless transitions between moves, an essential skill for creating fluid and cohesive pole dance routines.

  7. Repeat from Previous Lessons: Reinforcement is crucial. This section revisits techniques from previous lessons, ensuring that foundational skills are well ingrained.

  8. Move Preps: Preparing you for new moves, this segment covers safety considerations and technique basics, setting you up for successful and safe learning.

  9. Beginner Pole Moves: The heart of each lesson, where you learn new pole moves. Detailed instruction ensures correct technique and understanding of each new movement.

  10. Pole Combo: Integrating what you’ve learned into a cohesive routine, this section teaches you how to link individual moves into elegant combos, including instructions on smooth transitions and optimal presentation.

Course Duration

  • Minimum 10 Weeks: Training three times a week is recommended for optimal learning and skill development.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Repeating each section 2-3 times before progressing ensures mastery of the content, which may extend the course duration.

Your Path to Pole Excellence

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive foundation in pole dancing. By dedicating time to practice and master each section, you’ll not only build your pole skills but also your confidence. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revisiting the pole basics, the Beginner Fundamentals Course is your key to unlocking the world of pole dancing with grace, strength, and poise.

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