Beginner Fundamentals Course

Once you start your free trial you will be able to select beginner category from our course library and access all individual lessons. You can sort it by A to Z to start from lesson one. You will be able to open each lesson to view the curriculum & and enroll into each lesson for free. Once you finish watching each video it will be automatically marked as complete or your can make it manually. 



$9.99 per month

Beginner Fundamental Course includes over 15 hours of instructional videos. It consists of 10 lessons with 3 sections inside each lesson. 

  • Absolute beginners who have never even touched a pole
  • Beginner & Intermediate pole dancers who want to go back to basics & build a solid foundation
  • Beginner pole dancers who need guidance & want to follow a curriculum
  • 22 basic pole spins
  • 3 Basic climbs
  • 20 Pole dance transitions
  • 23 Basic Pole Moves & Poses
  • 10+ Combos
  • How to perform with best angles
  • How to make smooth transitions
  • Get stronger
  • Prevent pole injuries​
  • Build foundation for inverts
  • Improve lines & extensions​
  • Master most basic spins
  • Master fundamental poses & transitions​
  • Strengthen wrists & forearms ​
  • Improve performance skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Warm up (different for each lesson)
  • Floor Conditioning (core & wrists exercises, leg exercises to prevent/get rid of micro bends to improve lines & extensions)
  • Pole Conditioning
  • Repeat from previous lessons
  • Move Preps
  • Moves
  • Combo (step-bystep instructions for each combo, how to perform it with best angles, how to make smooth transitions for each combo)

Minimum 10 weeks training 3 times a week.

Each Lesson is broken down into 3 sections. We recommend to practice each section in a separate training. We encourage you to repeat each section 2 or 3 times to master all the requirements before moving on which will increase the time of the course completion.   

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